What A Great Father God Is To You

Psalm 68:4-10

The God that we serve, is a Father who is always present and is ever ready to help. Now we discover from scriptures that, everything that works in the Kingdom works by love. This is why i want you to understand, what a great father God is to you.

Because it is by faith we live the overcomer’s life, but faith works by love. So He is full of love, compassion and mercy for all of His children, and He gives each one of them uninterrupted attention. As the Almighty Father, He is capable of giving you everything; that you can ever need. He knows His children; even more than they even know themselves. He knows your tomorrow and every single detail about you even before you were born. This is why your love for souls, and the pursuit of same for their salvation; is the strongest proof of your love for God. Therefore, that God loves you means you are special and valuable to Him. This understanding will change your life; and give you an extraordinary mentality. For instance consider a man like David, who had a unique perception of the love of God; his understanding of the Father’s love made him think differently. This alone lets you know what David thought about God, for which reason he was such a success, and his life, so victorious. He knew he was valuable to God, and the object of His favour. Always take out time, to meditate on the love of God. Think about His grace, kindness and the fact that if you were the only one on earth, the Lord Jesus would still have given His life for you. That’s how valuable, you are to God.

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Dare to believe this and let it sink deep into your consciousness; it will change your life forever; and give you a new confidence. Because no matter how great and good an earthly father is, he will still fall short and fail in some aspects of his children’s wellbeing. An earthly father, cannot boast of being with his children always. An earthly father cannot boast of knowing his children so well; that he knows how to comfort them at all times. Even when he says he is capable of giving his children everything they ask for, he cannot give them good health, retentive memory, safe journey, and other things that money can’t buy. Therefore your heavenly Father is the perfect Father to the fatherless, oh what a great father God is to you.



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