Proverbs 22:6
One major problem of modern civilized society is an abounding generation of untrained children. This trend did not start today; but has been on for some time now. It is the multiple effects of lack of proper home training that is now being experienced in society today. Therefore, one of the ways to guide your children to God is to allow them the opportunity to make and develop a close relationship with God.

There are many belief systems that are influencing our children. TV shows, music, movies, teachers, friends and media each of these carry assumptions about faith that exert real influence. May we choose not to be silent. The beauty and grace we have experienced compels us to guide our children towards God. I do hear from parents who are afraid to boldly encourage their children towards faith. While most of us readily hope to influence our children with our view of politics or nutrition or sports, for some reason some of us treat our convictions about God differently. For instance, timothy didn’t arrive at faith as an adult through the power of his own, unaided reason. Rather, his mother nurtured his heart towards God; then he continued in what he had learned. If God is life, the source of true wisdom, then it is vital for us to tenderly cultivate a love for God in our families. However, the place of godly parents in practicing godliness in the home can never be ruled out. I want you to know that God is seeking daily for godly seed. The major reason why God makes husband and wife one spirit and flesh is because their union is supposed to produce godly seeds. Although it is true that God commanded man to multiply and replenish the earth, His cardinal reason for child-bearing is to raise a godly children. It is quite clear that there is a way each child should go, and it is the duty of parents to locate and train them in it. When they do, the children will not depart from that way when they are old.

Home training is a moral training by which virtues as honesty, diligence, respect for elders and also abilities such as cooking, care of the body are inculcated into children. You will observe that the children of these days have no respect for older ones except in some cases where parents are not too busy to give attention to the training of their children. Notwithstanding, guiding our children to God can sometimes be challenging. Not only do we think that we are ill-equipped to discuss theology, but it can often be uncomfortable relating to our kids on such a personal level. Yet, God designed us as parents to not only be the physical guardians of our children, but their spiritual nurturers as well. Another simple way to guide your children to God is to develop devotional time as a family. It can be easy for us to schedule our day away if we are not careful.  The simple option is to provide our children with a devotional and hope they will read it on their own. Yet scripture challenges parents to teach God’s commands to their children (Deuteronomy 6:6-7). Another way to guide your children to God is to live out your faith. As a parent, you must live out your faith in your own life. It is impossible to give away something you don’t have. Kids can spot a fake from miles away. They are looking for the real deal from their parents. Living your faith starts with simple things, like showing love, kindness, and generosity. If your kids see you blessing others, it will become a natural way of life for them. Another way is by putting God first. This means making a commitment to seek God, which isn’t always an easy concept for kids. Many things compete for first place in a young person’s life. But parents can help their children understand that God wants what is best for them. He wants them to be happy and successful even more than they do. Another simple way is finding ways to be a blessing. Most people are self-centered, including children. Learning to bless others takes the focus off self and onto someone else. You teach this best by living it. Include your children in the process of blessing others whenever you can. You will be amazed at how good your kids will feel about themselves.

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Children are precious and valuable asset. The truth is that the most valuable asset God created on planet earth is the human being. By extension we need to understand in our own society that the life of a child is not worth any less than the life of an adult. Therefore, another ways to guide your children to God is to worship God through service.



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