Vegetable Garden

1 Kings 21:1-16

We are living today in a world that is governed by oppressors. Across the globe, an average leader of nations and communities is an oppressor except the remnants who have the fear of God in their hearts. Therefore, understanding that this world is like a vegetable garden that can perish anytime; will help you show people under you love.  

Now, vegetables are parts of plants that are consumed by humans or other animals as food. The original meaning is still commonly used and is applied to plants collectively to refer to all edible plant matter, including the flowers, fruits, stems, leaves, roots, and seeds. Originally, vegetables were collected from the wild by hunter-gatherers and entered cultivation in several parts of the world, probably during the period 10,000 BC to 7,000 BC, when a new agricultural way of life developed. Now, leaders like Ahab are selfish and discontented with what they have. Their kingdom (kingship and domain) never satisfy them. They look down on every other person. They demand for and hardly give out. Your life is in danger if your vineyard is within their reach. They have no regard for other people’s inheritance. In this story, if the request by the king is for national safety and palace security or for a glorious need, one may reluctantly possibly consider it, but the issue before us is that someone’s inheritance would become a vegetable garden. There is this saying that, a poor man don’t have  brothers. How comes that the king who had access to any kind of mobility and can have as many servants as he wanted and can have as many vineyards as he liked, must drive the poor Naboth from his vineyard? If the king had a better one to give, why was he not contented with that? King David’s dealing with Uriah’s wife is a case to be studied. Death is often the result of the oppressed. Most of them die in the flower of their pursuits. These oppressors hate negative response to their requests. If you are among those who are treated like this because your vineyard is near the King’s palace, I plead with you to report your case quickly to God. Cry for help so that you will not be finished before your time. If you are highly placed to any position in the nation, community, church or anywhere, and you regard no one else but are looking down on others in order to make their inheritance your vegetable garden, please beware! God’s wrath is awaiting such. It may look like it is delaying but it would surely come. Note that no condition is permanent. And masters please treat your slaves in the same way. Do not threaten them, since you know that He who is both their master and yours is in heaven, and there is no favoritism with Him (Ephesians 6:9).

As a leader if you deny others their rights, God will not spear you. You will reap what you sow. Therefore, don’t be discontented because we are like vegetable garden that can perish in a twinkle of an eye be properly guided. 




  1. Thank you Lord I have learnt from this article not to be selfish and to be contented with what I have. Also not to oppress people who are under me.

  2. Am blessed to know that I have to be contented with what I have. Thank you for this wonderful article more of it.


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