Unveiling How To Access Good Life

1 Peter 3:10-18

Every, of God’s plan is a covenant. He unveils His plan, and at the same time unveils your own part of the plan to commit Him. So this is why unveiling how to access good life, is very important in your  pursuit of God.

Now having access to good life, is not as difficult as some people make it seem. As a matter of fact, living a good life was factored into the creation of man. God first created everything that man would need for a good life; before He made man in His own image and set him over all of His other creations. The calamity of a life of struggle only came, after Eve was deceived into believing the devil’s lies; and Adam outrightly disobeyed God. God consequently, withdrew aspects of His good life from them. However, the good life from God was reinstated through the second Adam, Jesus Christ. Therefore our anchor scripture, introduces us to how we can access the good life, that Jesus Christ came to restore us. Now it would be wise of you to pay attention, to the three major things mentioned in this scripture, as vital to experiencing the good life. First is your speech. No wonder the Bible says, death and life are in the power of the tongue. So your future is clearly, painted from the pages of scriptures. Because, every child of God is redeemed a spiritual lion. A lion is a symbol of dominion. So, every child of God is redeemed a spiritual lion, for dominion in the race of life. Everything that has been dominating you in form of sickness and disease, failure and stagnation, by the encounter of today, you will begin to dominate them sweatlesly.

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A lion naturally connotes, dominion in the kingdom of beast. Dominion is the capacity to dominate your situation and circumstances, shouting down strangers in your environment, having it the way you want it inspite of your enemies. It is natural for a lion to roar, the roar of a lion send fear down the animal’s kingdom. The territory of lion is called lion’s den, no rude animal plays around it. From today, evil will recognise your territory. So the content and manner of your speech, have a great impact on your relationship with God and man. Use the power that your tongue, possesses to speak life to yourself, and everything that concerns you every day. Therefore, unveiling how to access good life helps you to be outstanding in the journey of life.



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