Understanding The Wonders In God's Word

Isaiah 55:10-11

God’s word is the supernatural activator, of the power behind anointing; so understanding the wonders in God’s word is what makes you outstanding in life.

Now, the word of God is self anointed. Dwelling, on God’s word averts evil. Because, anything your mind focuses on will happen. There is a way you will listen to news; and if you are not mature enough, you will focus on the bad side of the news. When something wants to battle with your mind, stay on the word of God. Because the word of God, brings orderliness in the mist of confusion. So fill your thoughts, with heavenly realities. The realities of the heavenly realm, are realized via the word of God. Never allow the distractions of the world rule your mind, but the word of God. When you focus on the word of God, it builds your faith. Because God’s Word is full of power, and that power is real and available to you. However, the way to make contact with that power, and use it to your
benefit is walking in the Word. Therefore the word has to be spoken, before it becomes effective. The moment, it is spoken it can no longer be erased or recalled; until it has accomplished the purpose for which It is sent. So, understand that God’s word is loaded with Wonders. That’s why other books have information, but the Bible is loaded with Wonders. It is the instructions that Moses was receiving from God, that brought the wonders they experienced. But the missing link for many, is how to make that which God, has given to them; that which He has already done not only available, but a vital experience in their personal lives.

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How can you make contact, with the power He has made available to you. How do you make; His Word effective in the now of your life. The answer is simple; walk in the Word. Accept and trust the Word of God in its simplicity. Know that the word has wonders, and that is why Satan want to denial you access to the word. Now when you hear or study the Word as it pertains to the new creation in Christ, personalize it, because that’s God talking to you. Seize what He has  made available; take a hold of it, and make it personal to you; because understanding the wonders in God’s word is of a great value today.



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