Understanding The Secret Of True Success

Genesis 13:14-15

There is always a trade secret behind, every notable breakthrough in life. There is nothing great in this world, that is not backed by secret. There are secrets, but there is the secret of God. So understanding the secret of true success, gives you access to the treasures they carry.

When you access the secret of God, it brings out the star in you. If you are going to be successful in life, you must begin working towards it now, not when you are old. There is a programming required for success, and it should begin when you are young. You must understand that being successful in a particular vocation or field; doesn’t necessarily make you a successful person. There are athletes who set incredible records in sports history, yet they didn’t live lives worth emulating. That is not true success. Genuine success is about fulfilling your God given purpose, and being able to help others fulfill their dreams in life. That means you are a success when you’re able to make other people successful. Schooling is very important, yet schools aren’t designed to give you all the necessary information and ingredients you require for total success. That is why am using the opportunity of this article today; to show you the secret for true success, and inject into you the divine tonic that will stir you in the direction of God’s plan and purpose for you.

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For instance In Genesis 26:12-14, Isaac recorded a true success by obeying the voice of God. This man was so blessed that even the king of the Philistines envied him. Isaac obeyed the voice of God, stayed where God asked him to stay and he became prosperous with true success. True success is not far, from those who determine to obey God all the way. Also God revealed the secret of true success, to Joshua which every child of God must pay attention to. God told Joshua that for Him to have true success, the book of the law should not just be in his mouth, he was to meditate therein constantly in order to observe to do according to its contents. As you learn, imbibe, and practise the principles contained in God’s Word, you will experience the blessings they produce, therefore remember that understanding the secret of true success puts you ahead in life.



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