Understanding The Power Of Positive Thinking

Proverbs 23:7

Thinking is breathing life, into any dead situation. Thinking is the solution provoking process, which comes alive by the constant engagement of your spirit, mind, and readiness. so understanding the power of positive thinking, helps you to succeed in life. Now, one of the major courses in the university of life is thinking, until you excel in it; you cannot graduate. One of the major reasons why God gave you brain, is to think and not disturb Him.

Therefore, if you think enough you will have enough. Because thinking is the greatest assets, in the school of success. If you are a thinker, you will be a world changer. Because, thinking makes you wise. You can’t fight it, You can only support it. If you refuse it, you will soon end stupid. So your success, starts with your thought. For instance, group of scientists analyzed the brain of Albert Einstein, a great physicist who formulated the theory of relativity, and found out that he only made use of 10 percent of his thinking capacity. This means that many people who feel they are thinking, have actually made use of less than 1 percent of their brains. God created everyone with the ability to think. Therefore God cannot call you to reason with Him, if you are not at His level. You don’t reason with a dog; you can only reason with someone who can understand you. No matter how tough a situation might look, if you are willing to reason and obey what you will get, you will see the solution to that challenge. Many prefer to fast and pray than to think. So you need to take time and develop the ability to allow only thoughts, that will improve you to register in your mind. So every habit and every act starts with a thought; if the thought is not stopped, the act cannot be stopped.

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Therefore if you want to be successful, accept the truth and reject the lies of the devil. Begin to develop your mind, to be able to distinguish the truth from lies. Consciously from your mind, reject lies and develop yourself with the truth. Many are unproductive because, they don’t think positively. It is creative thinking, that provokes productivity that will enhance your success. The more you think, the more successful you will become. A man that does not think, will be hungry. Therefore, understanding the power of positive thinking, helps you to go far in life.


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