Understanding The Path To Greatness

Genesis 39:4-9

Greatness is not about becoming a boss; but is about being a servant. Greatness is not measured by accumulation, but by distribution of things. What you have acquired makes you an achiever; but what you do for others is what gives you fulfillment, so understanding the path to greatness gives you edge over your equals.

When you hear understanding the path to greatness, it suggests that there is a process through which greatness emerges. As a child of God, God has deposited a measure of greatness in you; but it is the process you undergo to harness it that will determine if your greatness will actually emerge or not. Now greatness is the quality of being distinguished, eminent or influential. Virtually all human beings have an inherent desire to be great, but only few end up attaining greatness. So understand that you have the capacity to do greater things; than what Jesus did while here on earth. Jesus is described as the bright and morning star; that means that the least you can be is a star. It is now clear that greatness is inside you waiting to be harnessed; the ingredients of greatness are inherent in you, but you have to learn the skill of putting these ingredients together. Great men and women often combine their top leadership position with special abilities, vast wealth, authority and influence. Although most people believe that greatness is attained through personal effort, superior knowledge, special wisdom or hard work. Moreover, children of God must learn that appointing someone into a position of authority by manipulation or without God’s approval, does not confer greatness upon such a fellow. In reality, no one can achieve true greatness by personal effort, manipulation or human connections.

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True greatness can only come by God’s appointment and empowerment, and the pathway to it goes through the fear of God. Anyone who desires to be great therefore, must have deep reverence for God. The bible testifies to the fear of God being present in all the fathers of faith, before God bestowed greatness upon them. In Genesis 22:12, Abraham received an irreversible promise of greatness after God acknowledged his fear of Him. Also Joseph’s, dream of greatness was fulfilled because he feared God. The Lord blessed the later end of Job more than his beginning, because he feared Him. Therefore understanding the path to greatness, is what it takes for your greatness to emerge.



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