Understanding The Dangers Of Ignorance

Hosea 4:6

A man’s area of ignorance, is his area of darkness. To live in ignorance is to live in darkness. Hence, you have to study God’s Word for yourself, for only God’s Word dispels ignorance. So understanding the dangers of ignorance, is a guarantee to a life that is free from all oppressions.

Therefore, ignorance means a lack of knowledge. It is a state of being uninformed, and this is a very dangerous thing. People sometimes say that ignorance is bliss, but this is very wrong. Knowledge is power, while ignorance on the other hand is death. It is what you don’t know, that can kill you. A person, who doesn’t know how dangerous a snake is, can decide to stroke its beautiful body to his or her own peril. A worker who fails to learn about the requirements, peculiar to his or her job will in no time lose that job.    Those who don’t learn about what to eat; and what not to eat will one day poison themselves. Ignorance is indeed very dangerous. As a business person, never invest your money in what you know nothing about. Don’t be in a haste, to invest in anything or anyone. Rather, take your time to carry out due diligence, so as to avoid losing the resources God had deposited in your care. Because, he who knows not and knows not that he does not know; is a compound fool. However, he who know not and seeks to know is a wise man. Another pitiable situation, is for one who does not know and yet claims to know. He or she will die in ignorance.

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Now  It doesn’t matter if the darkness is in your studies, health, or family; if you would let the light of God’s Word dominate your spirit, it will illuminate your path; and give you direction in the way of success and victory. To be ignorant about God; and spiritual life is also very dangerous. The worst end result of other forms of ignorance, is physical death. Laziness, is one of the major reasons why people are ignorant. Some people are just too lazy, to explore the word of God in order to know God by themselves. So there is no knowledge, as impactful as that which you research by yourself. Therefore understanding the dangers of ignorance; attracts open doors.



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