Turning Ugly Situations Around For Good

Isaiah 61:1-3

There is no hopelessness for a child of God. It doesn’t matter what you have faced or are facing in your life; the challenges aren’t for your destruction. Because period of trials can be very discouraging, you need to handle such times correctly; it is therefore very important that you see such seasons from God’s perspective. Our Lord Jesus also acknowledged that trials are a reality of life but He encouraged you to be of good cheer because He has overcome on your behalf. So, you don’t have to be permanently enslaved to Satan, because i see God turning that ugly situations around for good.

Now ugly situations are confrontations you meet on your way to success that opposes, protests against, disagrees, disputes with, resists and even questions your right to breakthrough in life. So, ugly situations will come but overcoming them is what makes your life meaningful. Therefore based on this fact, as you pass through ugly situation, rather than focusing on your current situation, constantly remind yourself of the finished work of Christ on the cross. Because, the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy. So, don’t have confidence in your ability to succeed on your own; rather, always ask God for wisdom and strength to go through any challenge. For when you pass through trials, your faith is being tested and the ultimate goal is not to harm you; but to ensure that you come out better and stronger. Because God specialises in turning ugly situations into beautiful ones. So, He has the capability to correct whatever has gone wrong. He has the power and the wisdom to renew, recharge, rewire, renovate, restore and re fit you. Always remember that the temptation or trial is only for a season, a period of time. Therefore, hang in there and do not give up.

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Therefore, i want you to know that God is planning to sort out what appears to be a mess in your life and will bring awesome message out of that ugly situations. So relax and trust God because for every disappointment, you will encounter appointment for destiny. As you realise that God can never be shaken, then you will become more like Him even as you pass through ugly situations. And the more you are like Him; the less you will be shaken by circumstances that comes your way. Therefore God is turning ugly situations around for good, and you will never be ashamed anymore.



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