This 21st century is definitely a changing world and parenting has to be intentional. Now when it comes to raising Godly children in this ungodly world it takes careful consideration especially as it will not just happen.

Spiritual Parenting is about your role as a spiritually-minded parent; the God-given role that is yours alone and how this God giving role is been impacted into the lives of your children.

I want you to note that raising children involves strenuous and continuous hard work and vigilance. You may be asking how do I raise godly children in the rapid increase of uncertainties? The family is known to be the basic unit of society and it’s suppose to be a source of comfort to the world at large.

Top 20 Proven Tips On Raising Godly Children In Ungodly World

Here are Top 20 proven tips on raising godly children in ungodly world

1. Be A Good Example

Children are copycats of their parents so as parents, you should lead by example. The bulk of parenting is done by example. Jesus trained his twelve disciples by example.

Don’t expect to teach your kids what the Bible says if you do not follow it yourself. Kids need to see that you’re willing to live out your definition of who a godly person should be.

2. Pray For Your Children

I want to bring to your knowledge that children are a heritage and reward from God. On the other hand, building a godly home requires a maximum co-operation with our Creator.

Now, when raising your children, pray for them each day. Pray that they make the right decisions. Pray that they will seek God first. Each day, you should pray for a different aspect of your child’s life from friendships, faith to school and talents as they grow.

The Bible makes us to understand in Proverbs 18:21, that the power of life and death lies in our tongue, at every point in time pray for them always. Pray over their future yes, even as babies and children till they grow into adulthood.

Examples of some prayers you can pray for your children: Numbers 6:24-26- “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”

3. Teach Them To Have Self Confident

Every child is unique and should be taught to have self confident. They are all different with inherent values, talents and skills. Avoid comparisons between children and harsh criticism.

Encourage and support them in all their endeavours, be there cheer leader. Help and assist them to discover their purpose in life. Let them know they are for signs and wonders, that the sky will not be their limit but a stepping stone. Encourage them to be their very best at whatever their hands find doing.

4. Teach Them To Value Others

I want you to note that we live in the world that is full of challenges and ungodly activities. So, as your children realize that they are unique, they should learn to respect and value others irrespective of their status in life.

Let them know they are privileged to be in this world that those privileges comes with great responsibility of adding value to the society. Teach them to be respectful to elders, and ensure you practice it and they will emulate you.

5. Build A Safe Environment

The character of your children is normally influenced by the kind of environment they grow up. If the place is filled with ungodly people or activities it will affect the character of the child.

Life is not focused on the acquisition of material things but on the development of lasting relationships with God and with people around us. So, building a safe environment around your children in ungodly world is paramount.

Now, the character of a child is not shaped by accomplishments or possessions but in the environment where he or she is raised. It takes an environment to raise a child.

Teach them how to avoid inappropriate touches from anyone and to speak up if it ever happens. Please be mindful and careful with the places and who you drop off your children with, very important.

6. Discipline

Discipline is one of the essential tools of bringing up a child in this ungodly world. Without discipline a child will not actualize his or her purpose in life. It is about living in obedience to God’s will and your parents.

People often equate discipline and punishment as being the same thing; but it is not. Punishment occurs when children flagrantly disobey what they have been clearly told by their parents to do, or not to do.

Proverbs 19:18 ‘Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying. Try not to discipline in anger instead, explain why they are being disciplined and, if possible, share appropriate Bible verses which shed light on their offense and your discipline.

Do not make empty threats, for example if you do not behave yourself, you will be sent to Africa, and it never happens, they will think you are not serious. There should be a balanced approach to discipline.

On the other hand, as a child grows older, parents should learn to communicate, reason more and punish less. The punishment should be proportionate to the wrong. Discipline should be consistent, and parents should not send conflicting signals.

Discipline should create intimacy and not distance, such that the child knows to come back and apologize. Please never correct your spouse regarding the way they disciplined your children in the presence of your children.

7. Reward Them

It is expedient as parents to reward your children. Healthy parents not only discipline their children but also reward them. Parents reward their children when they do well and discipline them when they do wrong.

Children start to learn fairness by this balanced approach. So they understand that doing good is very rewarding and this will encourage them to do even more.

8. Teach Them To Mind The Kind Of friend They Keep

I want to bring to your knowledge that association matters. On the other hand, your association determines your acceleration in life and destiny.

There is this adage that says show me your friends; I will tell you who you are. The kind of company you keep determines what follows you. So, you need to be mindful of the kind of friends your children keeps.

1 Corinthians 15:33 ‘Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners (KJV). Psalm 1:1-6 ‘Happy are those who reject the advice of evil people, who do not follow the example of sinners or join those who have no use for God.

So, it is good to teach them that keeping unworthy friends will destroy their good manners and cause them not to fulfil destiny.

9. Teach Them Humility

One of the major ways to raise a godly children in this ungodly world is to teach them to be humbly. Jesus our role model was the most humble person to have ever lived. He humbled himself and took on human form, while retaining his Godly nature.

And through all this he did not lord his position over us. He washed the feet of His disciples, went without a home, and submitted to a humiliating death. There is no walking in the way of Christ, without walking in humility.

These are the values and principles that need to be passed on to your children. Take your child to serving opportunities like working in the church, cleaning up after a parade, or even helping your neighbor with a task.

10. Teach Them How To Pray

Prayer is one of the powerful weapon of every child of God. It is one of the vital tools of raising up your children. In our society today it is very important to teach your child how to pray in this end time.

So, if you love your children, do all that lies within your power to train them to have a habit of prayer. Show them how to begin. Tell them what to say. Encourage them to persevere.

Remind them constantly how important it is to pray before they go to bed. This is one of the habit you should cultivate in the life of your children.

You must be careful that they don’t say their prayers in a hasty, careless, and irreverent manner. I charge you, do not let the early impression of a habit of prayer slip by. If you train your children to do anything, train them, at least, to have a habit of prayer.

So, as the first steps in any undertaking are the most important, so is the manner in which your children’s prayers are prayed, a point which deserves your closest attention.

11. Take Them To Church Always

In this perilous time it is good to let your children know the importance of going to church. Always ensure that they join the congregation to pray.

Let them understand that wherever the Lord’s people are gathered together, there the Lord is present in a special way, and that those who are absent must expect, like the Apostle Thomas, to miss out on a blessing.

They should know that it is important to hear the Word of God preached, and that it is God’s ordained way of converting, sanctifying, and building up the souls of men.

Do not allow them to grow up with a habit of making vain excuses for not coming. Make them clearly understand, that so long as they are under your roof, it is the rule of your house for every one in good health to honor the Lord by going to church.

Do not be discouraged because your children do not see the full value of church and the Lord’s Supper now. Just train them to have a habit of regular attendance. Set it before their minds as a high, holy, and solemn duty, and believe me, the day will come when they will bless you for your efforts.

12. Have A Good Relationship With Them

It is expedient to have a good relationship and intimacy with your children. When you have a good relationship with them they will respect you and your opinions. They will listen to you and hear you out when you give them advice.

One of the big tactics of the enemy when it comes to breaking people down is to make them feel isolated and alone. If your kids know that they can turn to you and you will help them and be there for them, then the risk for feeling that way is lower.

So, it is good to start while they’re young. If they are telling you about something 15 million times, listen to them. Get on the floor and play with them to know what’s going on with them.

The truth will take root in them and will be there with them. If they grow up and need to talk to you about more serious things they will be free to do so.

13. Free To Ask Questions

Parents must proactively and regularly ask their kids what questions they have to ask on any matter. In a secular world, where kids are constantly hearing competing worldviews, questions are guaranteed to continually arise.

But there are times your kids may be afraid to ask you questions. Tell them how deep you love them and should feel free to ask any question.

14. Be In Their Business

This is where I think so many parents fail. While you want to give your kids the chance to grow and make their own mistakes, you should also know what they are doing. Check their phones. Pop in on them when they are on the computer.

You may see this as invading their privacy they are YOUR kids. They don’t have the right, nor the need for privacy in this area. It is in those hidden, secret places that the enemy tries to get to them.

15. Teach God’s Word

It is paramount to teach God’s word to your child in age-appropriate ways. As well, you can connect your children with different bible clubs to help them grow in knowledge about God’s word.

Do you know that 1 in 10 Christian families study the Bible together in a given week? If your kids perceive that you’ve effectively relegated the Bible to the backburner of relevancy, they’ll have little reason to see it as the authoritative book Christians claim it to be.

Meanwhile, the Bible is a favorite attack point of skeptics and our kids will have ample opportunity to hear how it’s an ancient, irrelevant book filled with inaccuracies and contradictions.

If you’re not regularly studying the Bible with your kids, there’s a good chance they’ll eventually stop caring what it has to say. Don’t expect your kids to care about what the scripture says unless you’ve given them reason to believe it’s true.

16. Be On The Same Page

One common source of marital strife is disagreements concerning child rearing. To successfully parent your children husband and wife must be on the same page.

As previously stated, that page needs to be the Word of God. In Amos 3:3, God asks, “Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?” The obvious answer is – No!

Parents must make a commitment to search the Scriptures and read biblically based books that direct them to be in harmony. If parents are not in agreement, their children will skillfully manipulate to get their way.

17. Encourage Your Children

You must be your child’s number one fan and encourager. Don’t let them get that from anywhere else because where a child gets encouraged goes a long way indirectly impacting where their trust lies. If you are finding it difficult to earn your child’s trust, then you must work towards encouraging them more frequently than anyone else.

Never discourage your child. You can definitely discourage a bad habit or action. The emphasis is to strengthen their strength and place a premium on it by letting them know they have such strength.

18. Know Your Children

In order to raise godly children, parents must know their children. This is a reflection of how God develops godliness in us as his children. He knows us.

Listen to what God said to Jeremiah when he called him to be a prophet to the nations: Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations (Jeremiah 1:5).

Similarly, David spoke of how God knew him in Psalm 139:1 O LORD, you have searched me and you know me. To search means to examine thoroughly. God had examined David thoroughly, he knew him.

Similarly, parents must know their children if they are going to raise them in godliness and lead them into God’s plan for their lives.

19. Expose Your Child To Christian books

One of the major ways to bring up your children in this ungodly world is by exposing them to Christian music, Books, Movies and other entertainment. If you don’t they will be exposed to secular music, books and television.

We simply can’t help that, especially, if they are in public school and are involved in sports or other activities. But, there are plenty of things you can do to expose them to quality Christian content.

Here are some of the things you can do to as regards the exposure

  • Turn your radio to a local or national Christian radio while you are driving, cooking or cleaning or just when the kids are playing in the house.
  • Buy or rent quality Christian videos and movies to watch as a family.
  • Buy them Christian books for holidays.
  • Take vacations to places that enrich their faith, or go to Christian camps and retreats.
  • Do your homework on the television shows and movies your children want to watch and, if you have to, block certain channels from your family’s television.

20. Provide Their Basic Needs

As parents it is expedient to provide the basic needs of your children. This will make them to be contented in what they have. True contentment comes from accepting Christ, and having faith that in Him you will have everything you need.

1 Timothy 6:6-12 states that But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be contented with that.

So, make sure as a parent there should be provision for their Basic needs. How ever not all their needs may be met but the most important need should be. Education, books, shelter, food clothing etc.


So in conclusion, One of the joys of parenthood is the ability to take part in raising up the next generation of disciples for Christ. It can be an exciting, albeit intimidating prospect.

I know the pressure to make sure you’re doing everything right can be tough. But God has equipped you with what you need to raise godly kids.

So don’t give up and don’t give in to raising them like the world would have you do. Work hard to mold and shape them into what God has destined them to be.


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