What first comes to your mind when you see “Banana”? It is a very sweet oblong fruit. You are right but if that’s the only thing you can say about banana, it means you have a little idea of what you’ve been eating and I guess, one of the fruits you love so much.

Musa Spp… as the botanical name goes, is a seedless fruit that grow in clusters. They are also in the family of plantain. Most cultivated bananas are Musa acuminate, Musa balbisiana and Musa paradisiaca.

This means that there are different species of banana and that is why you find out that some are short in length and thick in body area. Some are also long and thin in body area. Some of the banana species have very thick outer layer (peel) and smaller white inner. This points out that banana are of different species and these differences between them are quite visible.

On the other hand, being different in species of bananas doesn’t make any of them perform different functions from one another. Bananas are soft and bitten into the mouth, could create a feel of a slightly hardened butter chunk. Banana is undoubtedly one of the most loved fruits in the world not just because of its appetizing taste and edibility, but because of the several health benefits it gives to the eater.

Top 20 Health Benefits Of Eating Bananas

Followings Are The Top 20 health Benefits Of Eating Bananas

1. Production Of Red Blood Cells

We all know how important red blood cells are to the body. Red blood cells are components of the blood that carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and give us the characteristic of blood which is red or dark red.

So, without the red blood cells, a person or animal (vertebrates) will cease to live and when red blood cells are not enough in the body, a lot of diseases such as lungs problem and circulatory infections comes in. I want you to note that, eating banana means ingesting Vitamin B6 which helps the body in creating Red Blood Cells.

2. Removal Of Unwanted Chemicals In The Organs

Bananas because of being rich in Vitamins, will help the vital organs in the body such as liver and kidney to remove chemicals that are unwanted, thus, helping to flush those organs.

So many People today have gotten so many diseases of the liver and kidney which were built up by the chemicals that are stored in the body. If they had been eating bananas consistently, they may have experienced the unfortunateness of the getting such diseases.

We eat so much chemicals in our daily foods nowadays. The chemicals that we ingest from eating packaged foods are really not so good for the health while the kidneys and lungs are organs that perform a lot of metabolism in the body, they are constantly in contact with those chemicals. Bananas can help ward off those chemicals and keep those organs healthy.

3. Aids Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant are constantly advised by doctors to eat a lot of banana, this is because Banana contains vitamin that aids the development of babies in the wombs. Pregnant women should be taking a lot of banana to ensure a healthy baby at deliverance.

4. Metabolism

Now, eating banana aids in the metabolizing of carbohydrates, fats and amino acids and hence, converts them into energy that are useful for the running of the body.

The foods we eat majorly consist a lot of carbohydrates, fats and amino acids from proteins. Eating banana, especially few minutes before or after meals will aid in the metabolisms of this food components.

5. Maintenance Of A Healthy Nervous System

The nervous system is what helps us to coordinate our body movements and respond well to stimulus. Eating banana which is rich in Vitamin B6 helps us to maintain the functionality of our nervous systems.

6. Protection Of The Body Against Cell And Tissue Damage

Banana species are super rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C functions in the body by rejuvenation of the cells and tissues that make up the complex organs of the body.

So it protects cells and tissues as primary elements of the body components, from wear and tear that could decrease the general functionality of the body.

7. Better Absorption Of Iron

Iron is a component needed in the body. Eating banana helps the body in the absorption of iron by the body parts that require it. Menstruating ladies are usually advised to eat foods with a lot of iron.

Then they are told to eat bananas at the consumption of those foods. Consuming foods with iron is different, then consuming foods that also help in the absorption of those ingested iron is another thing. Banana will help due to its wealth in Vitamin C, to absorb useful irons by the body.

8. Strong Skeletal Formation

Skeletal in the sense of the combination of the bones and skin that cover it. Banana is rich in vitamin C which helps in the production of the collagen hormone.

This protein hormone is what is in between the bones and the skin, holding them firmly together. Hence, consuming banana will help to keep the skeletal structure firm and fit.

9. Improves Brain Health

The banana aids in the production of serotonin, a hormone that affects brain development components such as sleep cycle, moods and experiences of stress and pain.

The brain in the central part of the body and a dysfunction of the brain might cause the inactivity of a person. Taking in banana will ensure good health of the brain.

10. Production Of Manganese

A medium-sized banana, when consumed, will provide about thirteen percent of daily body manganese requirement. Manganese helps the skin and other cells to be free from radical damage caused by agedness.

11. A Bank Of Potassium For The Heart

A medium sized banana, when eaten, will provide 320mg to 400mg of potassium and this is about ten percent of daily body potassium needs. Potassium helps the body to maintain a healthy heart and blood pressures as blood flows from one part of the body to another.

12. Aiding Of Digestion

Do you know that banana contains a lot of fibre? Soluble and insoluble fibres are very important for the health. Eating banana aids digestion of foods and that is why they are recommended before or after eating.

13. Blood Sugar Control

Since the soluble fibres in banana are sufficient, they help to control blood sugar level in the body. Too much sugar in the body that are indigestible could lead to type 1 or type 2 diabetes and eating banana could prevent this because it aids the body in the control of blood sugar.

14. Destruction Of Cholesterol

Cholesterol in the body is what is responsible for most heart issues and other circulatory diseases. Cholesterol would hamper the blood flow, making the heart over work and increase blood pressure.

Banana-eating will get rid of fatty substances such as cholesterol in the body and hence, protecting one from harboring cholesterol in the body.

15. Aids In Excretion

It is expedient to note that, insoluble fibres that are contained in banana aids in excretion (stool) and softens it. This ensures a successful bowel movement.

Consume a lot of banana if you don’t want to have excretory issues, especially of those which are related to bowel movements. Bananas help to keep your guts healthy and protects it from harmful bacteria.

16. Weight Management

People who are watching their weights are advised to eat a lot of bananas. This is because newly-ripened banana consist of starch that are indigestible.

These starch are passed from the small intestine to the large intestine. Bananas help one to manage weight better as one can stay full for long without needing to eat much.

17. Relief Gastrointestinal Issues

Now, most foods that we eat and their mode of digestion may lead to gastrointestinal issues such as constipation (excessive burping), stomach ulcers and heartburn.

This is because bananas contain neutralizing substances that can die down the effects of gastro acids in the body system. Eating bananas will free one from such digestive issues.

18. It Is An Appetizer

Banana is an appetizer. It is known to control loss of appetites in sick people and when eaten, could improve the appetite. Bananas eaten in small quantities create pathway for the body to want to absorb more food elements.

19. Energy Giver

Bananas are known to contain three natural sugars which are sucrose, fructose and glucose. These are very good sources of energy away from cholesterol. This means that bananas are ideal for children, athletes, workers who carry out physical activities.

20. Stomach Fillers

Sometimes, there won’t be cooked food around and one wanders how one would be able to survive for a longer time. If you get some bananas, eat as many as possible.

It fills up the stomach and acts as real food, preventing hunger and giving all and more, that can be gotten from cooked foods. Bananas are fibrous and can fill up the stomach, digesting slowly and keeping you ahead of your activities.


So, it is evident that banana is one of the best fruits you can have out there. It is recommended as before and after-meal supplements. It is good to consume a lot of banana before and after sports.

On the other hand, it is also good for pregnant, lactating and menstruating women. Banana aids in digestion and contains vitamins B6 and C that help in body builds and functionality. Don’t just eat banana, rush bananas.


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