There are several descriptions that men give to women especially as extractable from their experiences with women. Not just their wives, their mothers, sisters and cousins that are females. Some men say that a woman is a bundle of joy and whosoever doesn’t have a woman is not experiencing the joy of manhood.

Some men also describe women as an active partner who is not business oriented but supports with much capital and taking no interests. Some other men too have defined women to be necessary evils; apologies that no man can do without. They are the ones you want to see leave sometimes but most time, you hate to see them leave.

All these descriptions, when summed up to a conclusion, will give a thesis of the fact that women are necessary to this world as far as the existence of a man is concerned.

Definitely, God knew the importance of a woman to a man that was why He wasted no time in endowing Adam with Eve. So, when Adam saw Eve, he was satisfied and had a special feeling of companionship. The importance of the existence of women in the world cannot be overstated.

Your woman, whether one you’re at the verge of marrying as a fiancée or one with whom you already share a home with as a wife, require a lot of things from you as her man. A woman is a very volatile creature that can change mood at any given point of time and still want to be treated right.

One must understand one’s woman and be willing to do all it takes to make her happy. It is not a new thing that women get snatched away from their previous lovers and this is because some men know how to make a woman so happy that if her current lover is not living up to those expectations, she wouldn’t mind being with the next man who truly makes her happier especially when marriage has not been held. In every happy home, there is a happy woman.

Now, you may be asking what are the best ways to make your woman happy? You may ask is it possible to make a woman happy in this dispensation?

Top 20 Best Ways To Make Your Woman Happy

Here Are The Top 20 Best Ways To Make Your Woman Happy

1. Listen To Her

A woman’s happiness can be maintained over a long period of time if only they can get their men to listen to all they have to say. There are women who get their joy from mere talking and then having a feeling of being listened to by their lover.

Some women love to chitchat a lot. Some love to gossip with men lovers and some just don’t love the sound of silence because that is the genesis of boredom to them. Hence, listen to your woman whether there is sense in what she is saying or not. Just listen until she talks to her satisfaction.

2. Buy Her Gifts Often

Men must learn that no matter how rugged or hard heartened a woman is, one of their weakest points is gifts! Women love gifts, neatly wrapped and labelled and they wouldn’t mind to have it every day. This means that regular gifts make women happy, even if it is just a bouquet of flowers.

3. Flaunt Her

All women want to be flaunted by their men. They want to be reassured that they are the only one that is in the man’s heart. Post her on your social media status and captions it with eulogies of her.

Take her out in the public and in the gathering of your friends, tell them, “this is my beautiful wife” or “here is my fairest of them all. She will be happy and happy again.

4. Pay Her Attention

No matter how broke you are, attention is not what you shouldn’t be able to pay to your woman. She is your woman and attention is a woman’s second food. A woman doesn’t care about how tedious your work is as long as you can give her the attention she deserves.

5. Treat Her Like A Baby

Women are fragile both at body and at heart. This means that women want to be treated as babies or even better. A woman could begin to cry when you shout at her in the process of expressing anger or trying to correct her for one wrong or the other.

As a man, you must learn to be patient and accommodating to her. Correct her in the subtlest way and pamper her as you would pamper a baby. Women want to be treated as eggs because they are fragile as thus.

6. Meet Her Needs

Humans are wanting beings and women are even more wanting species of humans. They need a lot of love and care. They also need a lot of material things ranging from clothes, jewelries, accessories and even common tampons.

Women need a lot of things and it is sacrosanct for a man they are in love with to provide these for them. It might not be possible that all their needs can be met as some of our women are over-wanting in nature.

However, one needs to try to do all one could and make them understand in the best way as regards their needs that cannot be met so that they understand that their not having it at that particular time is just a matter of circumstance and not deliberate denial. They will be happy with the ones that are provided at least.

7. Understand Your Woman

As a man you must learn to understand the nature of your woman as very volatile creature that has the tendency to transform from one character into another in a second. Once this knowledge is internalized by a man, he will be able to tolerate the tantrums that women are found wanting of throwing every time.

If a man could understand the true nature of a women, he will be able to make her happy at all times because there will be synergy in their being together.

8. Show Her Gratefulness

In a relationship, a man may not be shown gratefulness perhaps until after ten good things he has done but when a woman has done one thing, she wants to be appreciated like she has already done ten! In this case, a woman needs to be thanked often for the slightest goodness she brings forth.

Thank her like she has done the best thing in the world at that moment. This doesn’t just make the woman happy but it also makes her submissive and appreciative.

9. Praise Her

A woman, when she dresses up for example, wants to be greatly eulogized and praised that she is the most beautiful woman on earth. Whether that is the fact or not, make her feel she is the most beautiful woman.

Shower praises on her like she deserves all the accolades and you deserve none. Praising a woman lavishly makes her very happy and gives her a feeling of you being the only man who respects her most in the world.

10. Communicate Regularly

There are relationships that a man gives his woman a phone call at least once in every one hour! And when this call doesn’t come through at the expiration of one full hour, the woman becomes restless and uneasy until the call comes through. Women want to believe that they are the only thing in a man’s mind. They want to be talked to very frequently even if it is just to hear a “hi”.

A woman needs to be communicated with often so as to have a sense of not being forgotten for a second. To make a woman happy, don’t allow her start feeling “has this guy forgotten that I exist?”

11. Make Her Feel Safe

Hence, put calls through often when they are faraway and when they are near, even if you are within the confines of the same house and you haven’t set eyes on her in few minutes, check on her and take a peep and let her know that you came checking with a smile on your face.

You can even call her name in a very sexy way from the living room by saying “baby girl, are you still kicking?” when she answers, just say, “I just wanna be sure that my baby hasn’t been kidnapped under my surveillance! Your prince is always on guard.” Although that’s a funny gesture but this creates a sense of being safe for them and they are happy.

12. Be Jovial And Fun To Be With

Don’t be a guy who is too serious about everything. Crack jokes and be a comedian for her sake. Make funny faces and make her lively. Put not just a smile but put laughter through her lips all the time. Make her really happy from the depth of her heart.

13. Take Her Out Regularly

Most women are outing freaks. They love to go out on cruise with their man, just the two of them alone. Take a woman out regularly and she will be happy.

They love to hear the sound of “wear a nice outfit let me take you out”. Go to sight seeing’s with her, picnics, hiking, even to photo studios, they love all these!

14. Ignore Other Ladies

A woman, no matter how inferior she is to another woman, never wants to share her man’s attention with another woman. In this case, making a woman have the feeling of being the only center of attraction will make her happy.

Even when you see another hot lady pass by, feign ignorance and act like you didn’t even notice. This gives her a sense of being the one and only and let it be so to keep her blooming of happiness.

15. Make Her Always Win!

You and your woman could be watching movies and she just mentions to you to compare her with one of the actress of the movies. You could just hear, “do you think Angelina Jolie is really sexy?” For this kind of question, you must be diplomatic.

Even if you must be honest, “Yes, but seriously, you beat her hands down and I mean it!” even if she believes in her mind that you are just trying to flatter or deceive her, she will be happy that at least, you are not overly crazy about Angelina. When comparisons come into play, make her win!

16. Respect Her Opinions

Make your woman know that she matters in everything that concerns not just what concerns both of you, but what concerns even you alone. Let her into all the happenings and let her air her own opinion and when she does, respect her opinions and let her know that her inputs matter a lot and you can’t do without her.

17. Fight For Her!

There are situations when your lady is involved in one misunderstanding or an issue or the other with other people. Do not ever express her as being wrong in public and especially in front of the other party.

Support her morally and even if she is wrong, correct her in secret. A woman who has the backing of her man in every circumstance is a happy chappy!

18. Repeat The Phrases

Some men don’t realize the power of repeated romantic words in the heart of a woman. Right at the middle of talking, cut her short and say “I love you so much” while looking deep into her eyes. Then, tell her to continue. This action as awkward and shocking as it seems means a lot to the woman.

She would be surprised with that kind of reaction from you from nowhere but you have just shown her that her love is deeply rooted in your heart. Phrases like “I missed you”, “You are the best!”, “I will be there for you always”, you are my life” and so on, repeatedly said to them makes them euphoric and totally buried wholeheartedly in the relationship.

19. Keep Your Promises To Her

Women find it so easy to distrust a man and one of the things that cause this is failing a promise. When you promise her anything, try to fulfil it by all means and tell her “I told you I would do it for you”. Women love to be pledged to and for those pledges to be fulfilled. They are elated with such forthcomings.

20. Make Her The Boss

We all know that the man is at the hem of affairs in every relationship or home but the truth is that women are better at managing delicate affairs. Give the woman the room for making even major decisions at home and especially when you know that the ones she has been making has not gone erratic.

Let her be the second half and not the second one. This means that she should be given the allowance of making major decisions and trust her intellect. This makes a woman happy and valued.


All these will make a woman happy and exhibit full efficiency as the woman of one’s heat or the woman of the house. A woman’s conditions or emotion determines her functionality of being a woman.

When she is happy, the relationship will keep going smoothly but if made to feel otherwise, then there is a looming wreckage of the whole relationship.


  1. A nice piece. But there are ladies who no matter what you do for them, even to the extent of dying for them, they’ll never be happy


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