I want to bring to your knowledge that oranges are round and this is a universal fact. Do you know that oranges originate from China before they became fruits that are grown in all warm climates around the world? Orange (Citrus species) is a tree fruit that is very nutritious and has so many species and awesome benefits.

Now, we can’t say that all oranges are sweet because there are some that are also sour but still loved by people and consumed all around the world. Some common types of oranges include Navel, Mandarin, Cara Cara, Blood orange, Valencia, Seville, Jaffa, etc.

So, every type of these oranges in there multitudes however, contains more than a hundred percent of the vitamin C recommended daily for body intake. The orange is not the only fruit in the citrus family but its Vitamin C composition surpasses all other citrus fruits. When you consume orange, there are awesome health benefits you get from it.

Top 15 Awesome Health Benefits Of Oranges

Here Are The Top 15 Awesome Health Benefits Of Oranges

1. Protection From Cell Damage

Cells of the body can get damaged from different body processes or from the invasion of foreign materials in the body. Oranges will help rebuild the damages that have occurred in cells that make up the organs of the body.

2. Skin Radiance

The orange is super rich in compounds that help the body make collagen, a hormone made up of proteins that holds the skin firmly to the skeletal formation and aids the skin to heal when wounded. Consuming orange also helps the skin’s smooth feel and glow. Orange will help keep the skin at its best condition.

3. Anti Anemia

Anemia is a disease of the body that is acquired as a result of the body not being able to absorb iron from food components that keeps the red blood cells in shape. Orange aids the body to absorb iron from food components for the body utility and hence, keeping the body resolved against any possibility of anemia.

4. Immunity

When the immune system is low, it is easy to acquire all forms of diseases even the ones caused by the weakest of germs. Doctors usually advise patients to take sufficient Vitamin C when they are heal. This is because Vitamin C aids in building up the body’s immunity.

The orange is a reservoir of extreme quantities of Vitamin C and this vitamin is more efficient when it is gotten directly from the original natural source. One who consumes oranges every time is sure of building up his or her immunity system against germs.

5. Slows Down Vision Loss From Ageing

The macular degeneration (AMD) is an inevitable condition for all those who have longevity of life. This is why very old people begin to lose their sight at some point.

However, you will discover that while a 70 years old man have begun going blind, some 90 years old men still have their sharp sights intact. This is because they have been consuming substances that slow down the rate of the optic degeneration. Oranges are one of the major substances that help slow down this degeneration.

6. Fighter Of Cancer

The cancer-causing free radicals in the body are mostly fought by the anti-cancer compounds in orange. Those who consume a lot of oranges are safer from cancer than those who do not.

7. Lowering The Level Of Stress

When anxiety sets in, the high level of Vitamin C in the orange will help lower the levels of cortisol which is the stress hormone in the body. A good amount of oranges will prevent one from being stressed out despite the anxiety.

8. Reduces Blood Cell

Orange aids, just as it helps lower the stress level, to lower the blood pressure. This is because it contains potassium which is responsible for this function.

9. Anti Inflammatory Properties

When some foods are eaten, they pass a wrong message to the body telling the body that it is under attack. The body then begins to try to defend itself by inflammation of some parts it feels are under stack.

This inflammation, when it occurs over a long period of time, is what could cause a lot of problems for the body with the capacity to trigger cancer, tumors, diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis and even common Alzheimer’s disease. Oranges when consumed will suppress these negative messages and even suppress the inflammation if any.

10. Fiber Rich

Those who rather than make do with only the liquid content of the orange, but bite and chew the fleshy part of the orange, are better endowed with the fiber content of the orange. The fiber in this fruit will make bowel movement (defecation) easy since it softens the stool and gives it more bundling.

11. Calcium Giver

Orange also have high concentration of calcium. The importance of calcium to the body is that it keeps the bones strong and healthy, including the teeth. Calcium in the orange also tones the muscles and other organs.

12. For Mother And Baby

Folates are used by the body to divide cells and make the necessary DNA needed for formation of body tissues and organs. Oranges have great doses of folate and B-Vitamin for a pregnant woman, folate is very important in helping the baby form in the womb so that when the baby is out, all body parts are properly formed and healthy.

13. Prevention Of Kidney Stones

The citric, ascorbic acid and citrates are mild to the stomach walls but harsh to kidney stones. The acidic powers prevents the buildup of stones in the kidney.

14. Supports Respiratory Systems

Have you found it quite uncomfortable breathing some times? Or has it ever felt like as you inhale, the noses seem stuffy or some blockage feelings in the air passage. Take some oranges and feel the ease with which your airways are cleared up after few gulps of the juice. Orange helps clear the airways.

15. Sugar For Energy

Orange contains good sugar that gives energy. The sugar in orange is better than the one gotten from candies or soft drinks. The sugar is broken down by the body to dissipate good energy without having to bother about the adverse effect of sugar.


In conclusion, orange contains 60 calories with no fat or sodium, 3g of fiber, 12g of sugar, 1g of protein, 14micro gram of vitamin A, 70 milligrams of Vitamin C, 6 percent of the daily calcium body requirements, 237 milligrams of potassium and 15.4g of carbohydrates. Consume oranges and health will come after.


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