Do you know that the lovers of God are stars on earth? It will interest you to know that the fear of God is the secure of the future.

When you possess the knowledge of God it causes your destiny to open. Your passion and desperation to live a godly life places you above your equals.

Putting God first in all you do is what opens up your destiny in life and in eternity. So, you can not afford to live ungodly life.

Now, a godly man is someone who desires and strives to follow the will of God. He aligns his thoughts, words, and actions with God’s Word.

It’s one thing to identify a man of God but it takes divine wisdom to detect the awesome characteristics of a godly man. A godly man is a great asset to the Kingdom of God.

So, every Christian woman looks forward to marry a man who loves God and obeys his commands. Loving God means giving Him the most prominent place in your heart.

The word of God gives us great insight into the characteristics of a godly man, and we shall explore some of them in this article.

Top 15 Awesome Characteristics Of A Godly Man

Here are the top 15 awesome characteristics of a godly man

1. Responsible

Being responsible is one of the greatest secret of dimensional shift in life and destiny. It is the key to divine treasure and acceleration.

On the other hand, being responsible is the key to divine openings. So, it impacts strength for the accomplishment of divine purpose.

Now, a Godly man is one who takes his responsibilities very seriously and rises up when the occasion demands.

God has called this man to care and oversee everything around him and guide those around him.

He is a workman approved by God for noble purposes in the church, and society at large. He responds to the needs of those around him with the strength God has given him.

2. Wisdom

I want to bring to your knowledge that the possession of wisdom is the greatest necessity of every mortal. It is the compilation of what ever that is good and presentable.

One of the things that makes a godly man stand out in his generation is wisdom. He is a man who turns his ear to wisdom and his heart to understanding.

It is impossible to succeed in life without wisdom. One of the awesome qualities of a godly man is the ability to apply wisdom into challenging situations.

So, the absence of required wisdom is the breeding ground for relative crises. So, the only way you will remain on the right path in life is when you operate in wisdom.

3. He Submits to God

I want you to note that those who pursue gold, silver, wealth at the expense of godliness will lay it at the feet of the man that submits to God.

Some people have lost the place of honor because of ungodly lifestyle. When you submit to God you walk in the covenant of supernatural supplies.

Where you place God in life determines where He will place you in life. So, submit to God in everything you do.

When a man puts God first in his life, it means that he considers God as the final authority in the decisions he makes. He follows the leading of the Holy Spirit and is discerning in spiritual matters.

His relationship with God defines his life and guides his daily actions. He no longer lives for himself but for God.

4. Life Of Purity

Commitment to a life of purity is the highway to enjoy the best of God. It releases the power and strength to surmount the opposition.

Lifestyle of purity sustains positive actions and positive actions when repeated establishes positive outcome. So, it attracts divine assistance and direction.

The life of purity can never be over emphasized. The easiest way one can connect to God is by living a life of purity.

So, purity is one thing that a godly man highly values. He knows that God desires a pure heart. On the other hand, he has self-control.

Note that a man who truly loves God and loves you will not allow his own purity or yours to be destroyed. He will fight against temptation and strive to make wise choices to keep boundaries in place.

5. Humble

I want to bring to your knowledge that being humble is a non negotiable asset of life and destiny that must be maintained at all cost. You must make choice to be humble.

Being humble connects one to unlimited opportunities and privileges with principal people in the society.

A man of humility will not treat others with contempt or think he is way above them. He considers himself soberly and doesn’t exalt himself. That sums up the humility of a godly man.

6. He Is Teachable

One of the virtue that has the capacity to attract the presence of God and His power is when you are teachable. A godly man accepts correction because he knows that he is not always right.

Let me quote a famous writer Known as Nicole Unice says that you should observe a godly man being okay with taking correction.

A godly man values the advice of others and he is willing to admit that sometimes he is wrong. He allows others to speak into his life and direct him when he seems to veer off the right path.

7. He Is A Good Leader

God gave men a unique role in a relationship with Him. He calls them to be leaders. This does not mean a man makes every decision for you or always figures out your life.

This means that a godly man takes the initiative to lead the people that God brought his way in the right direction. He doesn’t wait to see where things are going.

A godly man is a leader in every area of his life, whether family, church, or work. He doesn’t hide when things get tough but  he is quick to provide solutions.

King David was a godly man. He led the Israelites in many battles and won. They recognized his leadership abilities because they saw him in action.

8. Has A Forgiving Heart

Another awesome quality of a godly man is that he is forgiving. He knows that unforgiveness blocks the flow of love in his relationships with God.

One of the major things that makes a godly man outstanding in his generation is he doesn’t hold grudges nor does he keep a record of wrongs in his relationship.

9. Generosity

It will interest you to know that your value for both God and mankind is a product of His value before you. So, being generous eliminates limitation.

One of the things that being generous does for a believer is that it gives you the right material to work with God. It gives you advantage above your contemporaries.

On the other hand, it helps you become independent of season and places. Any man that gives generously attracts people that enjoy giving as well.

10. He Is Prayerful

Prayer is a flow of relationship between man and God. It is a time to relate with God. There is no relationship without communication.

Prayer is an evidence that you abide with God and God abide in you. So, to exist without prayer is to be without relationship with your Creator.

Now, the place of prayer is a place of power. Raw power flows through relationship with God. Therefor, one of the major characteristics of a godly man is that he is prayerful.

11. He is Peaceful

We live in a world that is filled with people who actually reward good with evil. We live in a world that is overrun with plague of ingratitude.

I want you to note that when you live beyond yourself you will live beyond your time. The Bible states in Romans 12:18 If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.

A peaceable man is one you can reason with and resolves the conflict in an amicable way. Many blessings accrue the man of peace because he reflects the character of God.

12. He Has Integrity

Those who operates in integrity understands no limitation. Limitation has literally been deleted from the dictionary of those who operate in integrity.

Integrity is what gives birth to good report. So, no matter what you see in life don’t allow your integrity to be compromised.

You can count on a godly man to protect his integrity. This means that he is honest and have strong moral principles.

He behaves ethically and does the right thing, even behind closed doors. So a Godly man will not lie, he always keeps his words or promise.

13. He Never Gives Up

There are times when the enemy comes in and tries to take away God’s plan from you and puts up barriers and obstacles you will feel defeated and want to give up.

I appeal to you please never you give in to the challenges of life because it is a face it will fizzle out.

Developing the tenacity to keep going is not easy in the society, but start small and try.

14. He Works Hard

In our society today, there seems to be an underlying importance placed on finding the easy way through something than doing it well.

Yet a Godly man knows that God wants us to work hard and do our jobs well. He wants us to be an example to the world of what good hard work can bring.

Colossians 3:23-24 states that “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward.

15. He Is Courageous

One of the main qualities described when discussing a man of God is courage. Nelson Mandela once said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.

The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. Men have fear, but God gives them the strength to walk in the midst of that fear and have victory through the Lord.


The above awesome qualities of a godly man are a good place to start identifying a man that is ready for a long-term relationship with God.

God has promised to help you become better person by his Spirit. God is pleased by a godly man who pursues him fervently.

When a man pleases God, the windows of heaven are opened and blessings are poured out. A godly man is one who is richly blessed by God and he is a blessing to others.

Once you know the qualities of a godly man, you can identify one easily and avoid counterfeits. You don’t have to guess if a man is godly, look at his qualities.







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