Do you know that it is a feat for most gentlemen to approach a lady due to difficulties in communicating with the opposite gender, ladies? Some men are actually very good at being eloquent and can command awe whenever they talk in the public but disaster looms when they are tete-a-tete with a lady, stammering and fumbling about with words and they just don’t come out right.

All these anomalies come as a result of great tension and nervousness in trying to find the right words to converse appropriately with the woman. Now, due to the fact that they want to impress the lady so much that they wouldn’t want to make the slightest mistake to avoid being mocked by or disgusting to the lady.

So, in the bid to avoid these they actually fall entirely into what they struggle much to avoid and the lady actually gets disgusted and drifts away. The truth however is that, it is true that one of the qualities that actually attract women is the elocution prowess of a man.

On the other hand, while this is true in most cases some women take other characteristics for consideration especially minding the fact that even they are not so good in communicating effectively, so why should they see it as a yardstick to get wooed by a man.

Now, while that is a requirement for a major chunk of ladies out there and at the same time, is a problem for a major chunk of guys out there, it is therefore improvisational to think of other means of wooing a lady without necessarily needing to communicate verbally.

These are great secrets that many guys out there do not realize, that there are many other ways you can appeal to a woman’s heart such that she wants to be with you before you say “can I”. Women can be greatly communicated to with absolute silent gestures and they understand perfectly, the message that the demonstrator is trying to pass.

Most women are very good at reading meanings into every single event that they experience each day. They can understand what is going on by reading the invisible signs on the wall. They read meaning into the provinces of what a guy does in their presence. They study the way he looks, the movement he makes, the countenance he wears, the nature of the eye blinking and dimming and the slightest of actions. They are extremely good at deciphering!

Have you ever being in front of a woman and she focuses a strong gaze at you? At that point, you may be feeling that she is into you and really is getting so involved with you. While that could be true for some cases, it is actually untrue in most cases because all she was doing was just studying and reading you, trying to get what you want before you even express it with words.

This is why some men misconstrue a woman’s softness for love or for affection. All they do is to get close to know more and when you are not what they want, you just see a sudden change. So, if you are not careful at the time of studying, you may automatically think that they are already in deep love with you.

So, this is why some guys really get heartbroken at this point like they were even ever in relationship with her in the first place. You may be asking what are the secret ways of wooing a lady without saying a word?

Top 10 Secret Ways Of Wooing A Lady Without Saying A Word

Here Are The Top 10 Secret Ways Of Wooing A Lady Without Saying A Word

1. Dress Smart

Women are absolutely attracted by how a guy dresses. Knowing the right colour combinations and the right style of clothes to wear for each occasion is a killer to a woman’s sense of attraction.

A guy, even if not super handsome, is loved by ladies who secretly talk amongst themselves about how “cool” that guy is with his appearance. Dressing is not just about the garb that is worn about the dressing accessories that go along.

Some ladies for example, always look at the shoes the guy puts on before any other thing. Imagine not wearing the right footwear and dressing nice, the whole glamour is destroyed. So, dress good so as to win her love, wear nice shoes, wristwatches, belts and so on. You could be sending not just her a message, but the whole ladies in the house.

2. Be Unique In Public

One has to be able to make public adjustments and fit uniquely into the environment to send a message to a lady. The way one comports one’s self is pertinent to her conception of one’s personality.

Stand firmly on your ground, speak meticulously, act maturely and make her see you as a man of unique characteristics. In this way, you sell yourself as a man who stands out in the society and one with charismatic dispositions of whom every woman is attracted to.

3. Smell Good!

Some women don’t just know the scents and names of different colognes, they also know their prices in the market. Ladies are wowed by the perfumes that ooze from the embodiment of a man.

Some scents get them nostalgic and they just want to always be around such persons. You can make your own kind of sweet smell unique by mixing two or more perfumes together in order to create a unique scent that no one can discover.

So, being reservedly smelling good with one’s own peculiar aroma can arouse the interest of a woman. Whenever she perceives that fragrance, she looks around to look whether she is right that you are present!

4. Maintain Eye Contacts

When you want a woman and you make eye contacts with her, she understands. You may set your gaze on her while sitting from afar and making her realize that you are actually gazing. Dim your eyes and make slow eye blinks and eyeball movements. You could blink with an eye every time you see her and take your face away.

I want to bring to your knowledge that doing this every time will arouse her curiosity about what this guy really wants, and soon, all she will yearn to look at is your eyes, expecting those endless blinks again and again until she approaches one day on her own!

5. Keep A Cool Face For Her

You need to make this lady know that you are gunning for her. You are in a discussion with your friends and she just comes in, pause for a while, look at her and give a dashing smile before you continue.

When she passes by, give her the smile and no matter how busy your countenance could be at these times, change it for her sake and make her know that your heart melts at her sight. It is just a simple gesture!

6. Keep Waving

When you see her, always give her a “hi” wave. It is not just about waving and looking away, it is about waving and looking on until she responds. You have to keep doing this each time you run into her.

Do not stalk her! She might feel you have a bad intention towards her. Just allow randomness do its thing and once the chance of seeing her comes by, just wave a hi slowly with a “waiting for response” countenance accompanied with a really appealing smile.

7. Be In The Right Click

Surround yourself with cool people. This means that you have to look social and approachable. Do not be too stiff in your relationship with people. Be within the right group of people with common characteristics and interest and make her know that you are very welcoming to anyone.

Do not let a woman feel that you are so tough and insurmountable in the bid to exhibit masculinity, it actually chases a woman off because they prefer men who are accommodating and tolerant.

8. Hover Nicely Around Her

Be the first to offer a hand whenever she needs help. Be the first to ask what she needs whenever she seems she is looking for something. Be the first to ask what is wrong whenever it seems she is downcast.

Just be the first to be there for her before she beckons. Hover around her and let her see you as an angel who is always there, or at least, mostly there.

9. Exude Class

One of the major secret of wooing a lady without saying a word is by exuding class. It is not necessarily mean you have to be expensive in the outlook. It simply means that no matter how simple you want to be, make it stylish and classy.

Some guys really cannot afford a lot of things of luxury but they still exude some class with the little they have. A display of class and maturity in all your dealings will attract a woman without saying a word and send her a magnetizing message.

10. Go Again And Again And Again

This point is actually quite the simplest of all. I have a lady at my work place that I want to woo without words. I went to her office in the morning to greet and made her know I did it deliberately. So, I repeated the same in the afternoon and before she left for home, I repeated the same!

This continues for two weeks and the day I am not there or miss a greeting, she begins to look for me… believe me, at this stage, I have won her heart and she clamours for my daily register. So, this is one of the simplest secret ways of wooing a lady without saying a word.


Remember, it is not about going to a woman with great crammed speech or rehearsed stage play act that determines the acceptance of the woman but the characteristics like class, fashion, lifestyle, neatness, charisma, public projection, etc. all these, well carried into play are the major secret ways of wooing a lady without saying a word.



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