It will interest you to know that earlier in my informative articles, I introduced you to top 10 businesses you can go into in real estate.

I also introduced you to top 10 places to invest in for real estate business in Nigeria.

Later on, I wrote on top 10 real estate businesses or firms that you can invest in.

I want to bring to your knowledge that among these, Oasis & Shelter Limited was highly suggested as one of the best top 10 real estate firms in Nigeria.

Now, for the purpose of this write up you shall be made to know the top 10 reasons why Oasis and Shelter Limited, as a real estate company, should be invested in.

It is pertinent for you to have a brief idea on what the company stands for.

Oasis & Shelter Limited is a Real Estate firm that is located at Enugu State.

It excels in realtor services such as land speculation, property valuation, management, development, rating and taxation, feasibility or viability studies, land administration and estate agency.

Oasis & Shelter Limited is presently rated number one indigenous property development and management companies in Nigeria.

It will interest you to know that Oasis and shelter Limited have been in the business of real estate for more than ten years.

So, these years have indeed been of excellent outcomes especially in the south eastern states of Nigeria, Abuja, Lagos and Port-Harcourt.

You maybe wondering Why you should invest in Oasis & Shelter Limited.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Oasis And Shelter Limited

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should invest in Oasis And Shelter Limited

1. Location

Oasis & Shelter Limited is located at Enugu State, the Coal City of Nigeria.

Apart from the fact that Enugu just recently took off in its quest for real estate business, it is also a mineral-rich zone in Nigeria.

It will interest you to know that Enugu is called coal city because it is rich in several mineral resources and abundant in coal.

Enugu, the capital of Enugu State, is also a place where commercial activities are highly in existence.

Enugu State, being an Eastern part of Nigeria shares boundaries with Kogi, Benue, Ebonyi, Abia and Anambra.

Interestingly, these states are commercially involved.

In other words it means that there is constant flow of commerce and exchange between these States and Enugu.

This just points out that Enugu State is a great place to be in as far as Real Estate business is concerned due to its tactical geographical location.

A place where there is constant commercial activity is an excellent area for real estate because properties will always be in transitions and transactions.

If Oasis and Shelter Limited is located in a tactical Nigerian Area such as Enugu State.

It means that a real estate investment with them is a rare gem and an opportunity that can’t be missed.

This however is not a pointer that Oasis & Shelter Limited operates only in Enugu state.

They go as far as Abuja, Lagos and other parts of the world.

Enugu State being their central branch means that there is more prospect to reach a larger target of all with different income earners.

2. Great Prospective

It is will interest you to know that Oasis & Shelter Limited has huge prospectives.

Apart from the fact that they are a renowned and fast growing real estate firm in Nigeria.

They have prospective and viable plans for which are obviously achievable for them in the next couple of months.

One of the major projects that the company is working on is the Palm Springs Oasis Estate.

Palm Springs Oasis Estate is an up-to-date and elegant estate located in the reserved Area of De-zoned Emene Industrial and Residential Layout, Enugu.

The estate occupies 11.104 hectares of Land. It is perfectly in close proximity less than 5 minutes drive to Akanu Ibiam International Airport and the Headquarters of 82 division of Nigerian Army, Enugu.

The palm springs Oasis Estate is a conducive and unbeatable environment for the nobles.

Palm Springs Oasis estate consist a combination of three bedroom detached and semi-detached duplexes.

Three bedroom bungalows, four bedroom detached and semi-detached duplexes and five bedroom detached duplexes.

The most alluring thing about palm Springs Oasis Estate is that it is designed to be a world class smart automated Building Management System (BMS).

On the other hand, it allows the use of Smart Phone Android and IOS enable devices.

Also stylish and elegant Touch-Sensor Panel to control all your electrical and mechanical appliances in the building from within and outside your home or country.

So, with these smart Automation Technology home owners can now control devices and appliances like Lighting (Turn ON / OFF), Opening and Closing of Blinds/Curtains, Air Conditioning System, Water Heater, etc.

However, with the integration of Motion and Movement Sensors in the bathrooms, Kitchen, and other common areas in the building.

You can see that palm Springs Oasis Estate has an ultramodern advantages over others.

Investing early in outstanding projects like this with the firm is tantamount to a bright future with a certainty that overrides any iota of doubt.

3. The Nature

The team of the Oasis & Shelter Limited are a group of committed professionals who are certified realtors.

The company is well organized and a registered real estate body with stainless legal backing.

In this case, you can be sure that your investment with Oasis & Shelter Limited is absolutely safe and secured.

This means that there is no room for your investment to go bad because all procedures are documented and legalized.

So, you don’t have to be bothered about whether your investment could go down the drain.

Also, there is no need to be bothered about being scammed or given a return of far less value to your original investment.

Oasis and Shelter Limited is known for quick, close-knit, supervisory and monitored series of development and construction activities right from inception to the design stage through to completion and commissioning.

It has several records of completing homes within six month.

It has the capacity to deliver homes to the owners promptly as promised at selling point.

So, having investment with us is the best decision you can make and safest thing to do.

4. Mouth Watering Offers

It is expedient to Note that Oasis and Shelter Limited offers an excellent real estate opportunities that is superb.

I want to bring to your knowledge that currently Oasis and Shelter Limited offers sales of land and properties in the Estate, Zone A and B.

Which is meant to accommodate Duplexes, Penthouses and custom designed houses etc.

There are also discounts for acquiring more than a property with us and even more considerations for a regular customers.

These and many more are what Oasis & Shelter limited offers to prospective investors.

5. Their Value Proposition

I want you to know that the value proposition for Oasis and Shelter limited is where Dreams Come Home.

This is a clear slogan of a competent and confident real estate firm that seeks to make people’s dreams come into reality.

The value proposition of an organisation masters a lot and through it, one can deduce what values an organisation will offer.

Oasis & Shelter Limited is governed by group of professionals who have connived effortlessly to create a distinctive proposition.

They are committed to make sure that people achieve their aims in real estate business.

On the other hand, to acquire the best properties for their monetary value and be secure over their acquisitions

A great reputation precedes a good name. With a vision to be the leading real estate development company in the African continent and beyond.

Our excellent in property valuation, management, development, rating and taxation, feasibility or viability studies, land speculation, land administration and estate agency is outstanding.

6. Ease Of Contacting And Access

I want you to know that Oasis & Shelter limited is absolute good in communication.

Unlike some other real estate agencies whose speed could be slow and takes time in which a prospective customer can change his or her mind before their requests are responded to.

If one wishes to proceed to any of our offices, the reception is super fast and straight to the point.

The attendants are well cultured and competent in attending to you.

For instance, when you proceed to our head office at No 62 Ogui Road, EnuguĀ  you can’t be kept waiting.

Attention is given to you at the point of entrance where the reception is highly hospitable.

When you contact any of our office numbers which are +23480-331-22003 and +234 8067967713 the correspondence is encouraging and fast.

We mean business and don’t toil with a second of your time in our bid to offer our undying services.

7. Ease Of Investing

The beauty about Oasis and Shelter limited over other real estate agencies is the ease at which the procedures are carried out.

Instead of demanding your presence in our office.

All you need to do is fill a form that is easily and instantly downloadable online from our site (

It contains few sections such as personal data, choice of properties one is interested in and declaration.

Once this has been filled and sent back to us through

As clearly footnoted on the pages of the form, processes instantly begin and we follow you up immediately.

I believe that is an easy procedure worth attaching preference to.

8. Existing Projects And Properties

Before you can be sure of dealing with a real estate agency.

It is important that one takes a look at the preexisting projects and properties of the company.

Have you seen the elegant properties and projects of Oasis and Shelter limited?

Please visit our site at to view the ultramodern structures that are already laid down.

Beyond conviction, a prospective investor is persuaded by reality to partake in the journey with Oasis and Shelter Limited as the foreseeable future in its glitters.

9. Services Rendered

Some real estate firms offer three to four services which are strictly transnational and stop there.

Oasis and Shelter limited offers services beyond just buying and selling of lands and properties.

We offer a variety of services that portrays the client not being left alone in all Ramifications before and after acquiring properties.

The investors are opportune to get the best after-services on acquisition of properties and not being left behind in any area.

Prospective Investors are clarified and educated about real estate endeavors where they lack ideas or knowledge.

So, you can’t be left blank at Oasis and Shelter limited.

10. The Name

Like I said earlier, that a good reputation precedes a good name.

The Oasis and Shelter limited is a name with a receded reputation.

Beyond the horizons of Enugu state, the company is widely known in Nigeria ranging from Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kaduna, and other well renowned states.

Oasis simple means the only place where water is in a dry desert and shelter is anything that provides protection or cover and responsible for sustenance and survival of a living organism.

Do these ring a bell? The name alone stands out amidst an ocean of competitions.

The most impressive competitive advantage of Oasis and Shelter limited to other real estate agencies is derived from our track record of on-time delivery and compliance to selling point specifications.

Over time, the firm has emerged as a major player in the provision of lands for co-operative societies of federal and state agencies in Nigeria.

We have made marks with the provision of properties for agencies and other cooperate outfits coming to Nigeria.

The company prides itself with quick turnaround and focus on quality in its business.The name, is absolutely convincing.


Now, dealing with any real estate agency requires that the investor makes serious investigation on the firm before doing business with them.

it is considered safe and profitable for any investor to invest with Oasis and Shelter limited since the value organisation has proven to be productive, effective and genuine in doing business.


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