Do you know that it is possible to change your wife through prayers? Yes it is 100 percent possible.

In so many ways, through so many sayings, adages, maxims and even proverbs, the nature of woman has been portrayed as unstable.

Instability in this sense refers to the volatile nature of a woman.

Within the twinkle of the eyes, a woman can become what she never was.

Universally and religiously opined, a woman is made from a man’s ribs and this fact is where one of the saying comes from that women are like ribs.

The nature of the rib is that it is not a straight bone.

Every rib is curved and whenever you try to straighten a rib forcefully, it breaks.

This analogy is enough to prove to any sane mind that a woman is fragile and yet, oft-erring creature and that nature is unchangeable.

Hence, whenever a man tends to use force or violence to bring a woman to order, she is harmed and this effect might forever remain unforgivable in their hearts.

This means that changing your wife, may not be such a simple task due to the way in which she was created and as every other woman portrays.

Women indeed, are fragile creatures and are prone to regular errors, husbands must be very careful in the way they deal with their wives so as not to overdo things.

For the best way to effect the change in your wife, you must learn to pray earnestly for her.

TOP 10 Powerful Ways To Change Your Wife Through Prayers

The following are the top 10 Powerful ways to change your wife through prayers

1. Beckon On Her For Prayers

It has been confirmed in the scripture that you should always pray and not faint.

Bible speaking in Luke 18 vs 1 And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

As you can see from the above scripture, Prayer is not conditional, seasonal or negotiable.

Now, I want you to note that it should be continuous and consistent.

So, make sure not to pray alone when your wife is around.

Be it when you wake up in the morning or about to retire at night, make your wife be part of the prayer session.

When the person being prayed for is part of the prayer, then the effect will be felt.

2. Preach To Her In Mild Manner

It will interest you to know that prayer is the lifeline of every believer.

So, whenever your wife puts up behaviors that you do not like, call her in a loving way and relate the word of God calmly to her.

On the other hand, use the word of God to call her attention to the things she is not getting right.

Preach in a calm tone. Don’t say God says any woman that does so, so and so will burn in hell fire.

Rather say, God loves women who do so, so and so and stay away from so, so and so and are promised the beautiful gardens in the kingdom of heaven.

Not that you don’t know that she is already aware of all these but you want to be more emphatic and pictorial about it, so she can feel what she could miss if she doesn’t change.

Then, hold her hands as a loving and caring husband and pray with her with absolute gentility.

Let her know that she is your wife ordained by God and you still love her with all your heart.

3. Pray For Both Of You

I want to bring to your knowledge that you should not focused entirely on her.

Now, women as I earlier stated are very volatile creatures and can react unexpectedly to issues and understand it the wrong way.

When you are praying for your wife, especially when both of you are praying together or praying to her hearing a prayer point of change, then make sure to pray for both of you.

When you focus the prayer of change on her alone, she might start feeling like she is being portrayed as a devil.

So, it is expedient that you pray for change to both of you.

In other words generalize the prayer points so she doesn’t feel singled out.

4. Make Sure To Be Faultless

Now, if your wife keeps on gossiping about the neighborhood.

Till extent that her attitude is negatively affecting your reputation in the community.

You do not like this but you are also a man who does not have time for your wife to sit and chat together.

You are always off to work early in the morning and come back in the night.

On weekends you always go to see your friends, watch sports and she is mostly alone at home.

What do you expect? If you are praying for your wife to change and part of the fault is coming from you, then you are calling God in vain.

Sometimes, prayers get answered only when you play your own role accordingly.

There is this saying that says Heaven helps those who helps themselves.

These saying is sufficient to explain that you need to have no faults when praying for the transformation of your wife.

5. Quit Sin

The prayers of a pious man are answered fast by God.

The preference of God to answer prayers between different people asking for His help is dependent on so many things and one of them is the state of piousness of the one who prays.

Whose prayers will God answer first between a man who sins regularly and the one who abstains from iniquities? Definitely, the pious man is most preferable by God.

This is to say that it is not feasible when you’re a sinner and then praying fervently for the change of your wife.

So, You need to be closer to God before praying for someone’s closeness to God.

6. Keep Issues To Yourselves

It is not a new thing to learn of strong advice that your home should be the limit of your marital problems.

Some men go out there to report the errors of their wife to friends and outsiders.

I want to bring to your knowledge that it is very wrong.

Now, while seeking the face of God for the change of your wife, it is expedient to keep the issues to yourselves while praying about it.

God is an over-looker of your mistakes and He doesn’t publicize your sins especially after you have repented.

This is also applicable to the event of praying to God over your wife.

When you have done all this things trust God that in due time, he will effect the change.

7. Watch Your Conduct

It is important to be the mirror of the change you want to see.

When you are not a good example of what you want her to become, then your prayers are the similitude of pouring water in a basket and waiting for it to get filled up.

The conduct you exude around her must dictate that of one who wishes his wife to be better.

As you pray for the change of your wife, let your mannerisms around her send strong messages to her that you really want your prayers on her to be answered.

Be at your best conduct and maintain it even after your prayers has been answered.

8. Confide In Clerics At Extreme Cases

As I earlier emphasized, it is not the best to take matters of the home to outsiders.

However, things may get out of hand if you do not get a trusted hand to intervene.

The intervention of the head of your church may be needed at this moment.

Approach them and explain things to them so as to see how they can come in through special prayers and even counselling.

They are familiar with cases like this and are experienced in dealing with them the best way.

9. No Insults, Just Prayers

If you are praying for your wife to change and she keep doing things that gets you angry.

I will advise you to control yourself and mind your tongue.

Do not tongue-lash her by insulting her with the same mouth that you used in praying for her.

When things get heated up, instead of saying things like I’m trying to pray for you to change but you keep getting worse in your ill manners am fed up.

It is better to make statements like I am praying to God for changes, and may God change you and I for good.

This is more of a prayer even at the point of heat and words like these will calm your wife down and make her soft in so as to change permanently.

10. Have Faith In God

Now, God’s paramount purpose is to enforce His will on earth as it is in heaven.

The earth needs heavenly influence to work proper, and faith is the key to open heaven on earth.

Prayer of faith is heavenly influence for earthly interference.

So, you need faith so as to cause wave on earth.

Prayers without faith is useless.Your prayers for your wife should be sincere and powered by faith.

So, let your faith in God be unflinching. Don’t Let your expectation of change that you don’t see now weigh you down.

Human change is a gradual process especially that of a woman.

Whenever you are praying ensure to have the strong belief that God will answer your prayers and do not doubt.

God sees the heart, your sincerity, and level of faith you have in Him towards your heart desires.


From the points above you can see that nothing will resist a man that is operating in the realm of prayer.

Prayer is the master key. This is a general saying that you hear every day.

Prayer is the shortest way to converse with God.

It is an open gate for you to pass through so as to express your demands to the giver of every good things of life.

Your wife is supposed to be a blessing to you. Interceding for her is paramount.

Now, if you put all the top 10 powerful ways to change your wife through prayers into practice you will command proves and results in your prayers.


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