Have you been praying for your husband to change and it seems as if he is getting worse? Don’t be discouraged your answer is on the way.

I want to bring to your knowledge that a prayerful wife builds her home.

Now, there is a scriptural declaration that says” a wise woman builds her home but the foolish pull’s it down with her hands.”

This is to encourage women who are afraid of getting married because some men are too harsh, difficult to accept women’s opinions during decision making.

A woman can make all these work with constant prayers, submission, love and respect.

It will interest you to know that there are powerful ways to change your husband through prayers.

It is important to note that there are top 10 powerful ways to change your wife through prayers.

So, stop looking for Mr Right, you can get a man from the left side and take him to the right.

On the other hand, stop looking for a man with perfect characteristics as a husband.

You have the power to change your husband’s unwanted behavior with prayer.

You may want your husband to be a better person by showing love and care towards your family.

You may see him as being passive about the family issues or do not help in the house chores.

In other words you may see him as someone who have lost sense of romance and affection.

To this end, prayer and Love is one of the major tools and have awesome benefits of building a Godly home.

A Man who is deeply and honestly in love with her wife can be changed by her appeals and persuasions.

Honestly a wife can truly change his husband through the power of prayers.

Your quest for your husband to change will give you reasons why you should pray in tongues everyday.

God is the only one that can drive his creatures to do His will and prayers like it is said everywhere, can move mountains.

Top 10 Powerful Ways To Change Your Husband Through Prayers

The following are 10 powerful ways to change your husband through prayers

1. Argue With God

It will interest you to know that you cannot really argue with God because His will is always done.

What I meant by arguing with God here is persistently seeking God through prayers to effect a change in the life of your husband.

Some women, in the bid to change their husband spend a lot of time arguing and complaining about their husbands weakness.

However, this can only bring disunity for both couple because the husband terms persistent complain about his attitudes as “nagging”.

You don’t want your husband to begin to make statements as having a nagging wife.

It will interest you to know that love is one of the major powerful ingredients for a Godly marriage to succeed.

So, complain less to him but complain more to God about your husband.

Continue to pray for him endlessly with faith and you will gradually or rapidly begin to discover changes and marvel at the power of prayers.

2. Combine Prayers With Fasting

Fasting is like a catalyst that speeds up God’s answers to prayers.

Seeking God constantly towards the transformation of your husband should be combined with specific days of fasting.

There is a spiritual ordainment by God for the words of a fasting person.

When a wife fasts and seeks the face of God concerning her husband God answers fast.

I want you to know that praying and fasting is one of the best biblical ways to resolve conflict in marriage.

On the other hand, while prayers are spiritual proven ways to get God answer to your demands and heart desires.

God answers faster by the dryness of your mouth towards what you want from Him.

Fasting is not a means by God to punish or chastise you but as a medium to allow you show your sincerity over what you seek from him.

In order to buttress the prayers of transformation being made for your husband, it is more advisable to combine it with fasting for a more effective result.

3. Admonish Him With Love And Respect

I want to bring to your knowledge that God wants mutual love and respect in marriages.

So, no matter what goes on in the marriage, you must have regard for your husband.

One of the things that God evaluates in a marriage is the wife’s loyalty to the husband and vise-versa.

When a woman seeks for the hand of God in the matters of her marriage, she must also be concerned about her mannerism towards her husband in a godly way.

On the other hand, it is one of the proven tips on raising godly children in ungodly world.

When mentioning the wrongs of your husband to him and how you would love him to change, do so with love and respect.

You must be careful in other not to let him think you are mad about it.

Rather, let him feel how sorrowful you are about his behavior.

Talk to him with respect and pray for him in his presence and to his hearing.

God responds quickly to such prayer as an excellent wife.

So, God will cause him to change, He does this, for the sake of the wife who is ever God-cautious, obedient and respectful to her husband.

4. Call Him For Prayers

When you wake up in the morning to kneel before the Most High, endeavor to call your husband for prayer.

Now, praying together creates consciousness that God’s presence is with the family.

Persuade your husband peacefully to join you in prayers and make him see reasons why he is important in the prayer session.

Let him lead the prayer if possible and when it is your turn to pray, pray mildly and briefly.

5. Mind Your Prayer Points

When you are praying with your husband or praying alone it is expedient to mind what you say at the place of prayer.

Don’t start by saying things like God change my husband for the better.

On the other hand, let him be a better man than he is, let him be delivered of all evils within him and so on.

Hearing this alone will trigger his spuriousness on the premises that you see him as a problem to be solved.

Pray for your husband in such away that he feels he is being prayed for to be greater than he already is rather than being a better person.

Pray more for him to move forward in life than prayer that makes him feel that he is an unwanted evil.

So, let the prayer for change be more of silent whispers than loud chants.

6. Just Trust God

The universal saying that prayer without faith is equally a universal fact.

A heart that prays to God that has no faith is as good as not even making a prayer at all.

Prayers without faith are just mere words of the mouth; what makes words of the mouth a prayer is when it is accompanied by faith.

When praying to God for the transformation of your husband, you must have total trust that God is able and will change him for good.

Trusting in God is most crucial aspect of a prayer and it is the key to an answered prayer.

While praying to God, be full of unwavering belief in Him.

7. Relate Issues To Trusted Priest

Although, it is most advisable to prevent internal issues from getting out of the home.

However, in cases where things are getting out of hand by the day, it is important to report the matter to a priest.

Avoid taking the matter to your friends and family members; they may worsen the situation.

So, you can see from the above explanation it is expedient to report the issues to a clergy in your church.

Clergies are people ordained for religious services, they are your pastors, ministers,  etc.

Your priest is in good position to handle the issues very well.

Apart from standing in the gap for your family he can as well call your husband to order through admonitions.

8. Allow God Do The Best

God is knows all about you. He does things in the best way and at the best time.

While you keep praying for the change of your husband, stay steadfast and committed to it.

You may expect to see changes in your husband’s life immediately.

I want you to understand that God works in mysterious ways just wait it will happen.

His change can be miraculous but it is a gradual process.

God cleanses his heart and not his actions and it is from a good heart that good actions emanate.

The changes that occur as a result of an answered prayer is gradual and will be obvious.

So, it is important to allow God do the best at the best time.

9. Be A Pioneer Of Change

Pioneering change is the bedrock of change itself.

As a woman who is praying for the transformation of your husband, you have to make sure that your own attitude is an example of what you want your husband to be.

Making your husband see the best in you, will speed up the effect of prayer and stimulate him to be a better husband.

On the other hand, seeing the positive aspect of you will stimulate him to be a better person and willing to change.

God supports the better one who asks for prayer who is a good image of what he is praying for another to become.

10. Stay Positive

It is a different thing to pray, it is another thing to be positive about it.

Being and staying positive about prayer means having the slightest belief that whatever is being prayed for will surely come to pass.

When your husband is being prayed for and it seems that things are not changing, you must stay positive with expectation.

Positive in itself is a strong spiritual force that makes one remain steadfast in the expectations of demand from God.

Stay positive about the prayers and about your husband. It shall all be well.


You have seen from the above points that prayer is a great agent of transformation.

So, you must play your role as a wife to always stand in the gap for your husband.

It is expedient to keep praying that God will keep him steadfast and make him an excellent husband.

The problem with some of the women is that they fail to seek the face of God unless they are in problems.

Whether you need your husband to change or not, you need God all the way.

When he is the best, seek God to increase him in his good qualities and when he needs to be transformed too, seek God to lay His changing hands on him.

Change they say, is the only constant thing and husbands can either change to be better or worse.

Whichever way, good or bad, never stop praying for your husband to change.


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