Are you looking for where to invest your money? Search no more!

In this post I will discuss top 10 Powerful places to invest for real estate in Nigeria and you will never regret you did.

Do you know that Real Estate in Nigeria is one of the hidden businesses that resurfaced with full power recently?

It will interest you to know that a lot of Nigerians are making good money from this business.

Like I discussed recently about the Top 10 best real estate business in Nigeria that you can invest in.

I will like to open your eyes to the best geographical locations where these businesses can be carried out.

As you are reading this post right now, you may be asking where is the Top 10 Powerful places you can invest your money as far as real estate is concerned.

I want to bring to your knowledge that there are top 10 powerful ways to make money in real estate business in Nigeria.

For the purpose of this information, I will present the top 10 Powerful places to invest for real estate in Nigeria.

Top 10 Powerful Places To Invest For Real Estate In Nigeria

Here are the top 10 Powerful places to invest for real estate in Nigeria

1. Enugu 

I want to bring to your knowledge that Enugu State is a fast developing State.

It will interest you to know that Enugu State is a home to many real estate agents.

That reminds me of Oasis and Shelter Limited which is one of the best real estate firm in that place.

On the other hand, you may want to know the top 10 reasons why you should invest in Oasis and Shelters Limited.

Enugu state is called the coal city not because it contains coal as a mineral resources.

Because it attracts investors and also is a home for many economical activities.

Enugu is enriched with social facilities and tourist attraction components that are well instituted on good landscapes.

You should invest in Enugu as an eastern representative.

On the other hand, it is one of the best places to invest for real estate in Nigeria.

2. Cross River

Do you know that Cross River is blessed with a capital that is rich in commercial activities.

Calabar in Cross-river State is one of the best places in Nigeria where economical values matter.

On the other hand, It has high rate of population growth.

Calabar, people are always looking to rent, own, develop, manage or lease new or existing properties.

Calabar, being in the center of south-south region of Nigeria attracts investors from Benue, Ebonyi and Abia state.

So, Cross-river State is one of the major places in Nigeria one can get returns in real estate business.

3. Ogun

I want to bring to your knowledge that Ogun State shares common boundary with Lagos.

On the other hand, it doesn’t take people more than an hour to move between this two places.

In fact, some citizens of both states work on daily bases across the states.

The excellence in Lagos state as an area of high commercial activity has been spread across to its neighboring zones of which Ogun State is one.

Apart from this, Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun is highly regarded as tourist attraction.

So, Ogun State has places like Olumo Rock, manufacturing industries and a lot of opportunities which attracts foreign investors.

So, I want you to note that Real estate in Ogun State is a booming business.

4. Delta State

It may be preemptive that you have an idea that Delta State is involved in this list.

Yes! Truly it must, Delta State is one of the oil-rich state in Nigeria.

In other words it is flooded with petrochemical firms and industries.

It is renowned for multiple investments and it is a heavily industrial place.

These facts are what one can call aids to the trade that is involved in real estate.

Warri and Asaba most especially, are places where there are successful young people who portray their success with ownership of real estate properties and businesses.

So, it is expedient that you Invest here but be careful of scams so that you do not become a real estate asset to scammers.

5. Akwa Ibom

Uyo is one of the states in Nigeria that is not usually heard of or see in the news every now and then.

This is because it is a home of silent achievers.

It is also inferable from the positive quietness of the place that is a place where security is guaranteed and safety is a surety.

It is free from regular and irregular insecurity and with a low rate of crime.

Real estate in this zone has thus become a business of luxury because properties can be spread to any place without the fear of the unknown.

There are so many realtors in the state and this explains the fact that people from other states who have safety and security as their priority find the place as a heaven.

So, I want to encourage you to Invest in Akwa-Ibom and you definitely won’t regret being a real estate investor.

6. Oyo State

Like  I said earlier, that neighbouring states with Lagos state has advantage to invest in real estate business.

Oyo, Lagos and Ogun States are like the three sisters of the Greek myth.

They are symbiont of themselves and that makes this trio a pack of good places for investors.

Not just in real estate but in all other areas of economical endeavors.

Oyo however, is quite different from Lagos because there, things are far cheaper and amenities are more accessible.

The state is the largest city in Nigeria as far as land mass is concerned.

This means that Oyo state still has much more space to be explored as far as real estate is concerned.

The place is being structurally developed year in and out and structural assets are flowing tremendously.

So I want to you know that Oyo State is blessed to any real estate investor.

7. Rivers State

This list will definitely be incomplete if the mighty Port Harcourt is not mentioned.

I present Rivers as the third best place in Nigeria to explore for a successful real estate endeavour.

It is a sight of structural elegance, industrial power and extractive prowess.

Talk about industries, petrochemical firms, agricultural bodies, refineries, institutions and airports, Rivers is one of the leading regions in Nigeria.

It will interest you to know that there is high economic value and security in Rivers State.

The state is fairly commercial and flow of investments is beyond fluctuations.

There are excellent opportunities to take up as far as real estate is concerned in this area.

8. Benin City

You may be wondering why Benin City is in this list and not even the least.

Have you been to Benin city recently? It is fast becoming a center of attraction.

Houses and commercial structures in Benin City are usually built with ultra-modern styles and convictions.

Land in Benin is relatively cheap compared to most places that have economic values. In Benin City, acquiring properties is not a problem and managing them is easier.

So, you can see that Benin City is one of the lucrative places one can invest in real estate.

9. Abuja

This is the Federal Capital territory of Nigeria.

There is no doubt to say that this is one of the second best places to invest for real estate business in Nigeria.

Commercial activities here may not really be pronounced because it is a political area and so much movement is not facilitated.

However, Abuja is a home to numerous Ariosto in Nigeria; politicians, celebrities, high class businessmen and moguls.

This dictates the fact that Abuja is an expensive place to live and a real estate investor in this place must be financially buoyant to invest.

However, just as high as the investment capital is, even higher will boom the returns. This is absolutely a place to invest in, expensively though.

10. Lagos

I humbly wish to bring to your knowledge that Lagos State is one of the top best place you can invest for real estate business in Nigeria.

The center of excellence is really a picture of its name.

It will interest you to know that Lagos is where everyone wishes to be, reside and earn.

Like Abuja, it is even more filled with politicians, high class business tycoons, foreigners, celebrities and all classes of people.

Despite having a small land area, because the space has been taken by water, still has population of more than 20 million people.

People come from all around the country and the world at large to Lagos to achieve a lot.

It is a place of manifest and numerous tourist attraction, it is topnotch in commercial activities.

Lagos is like the mitochondrion of Nigeria than even Abuja can be.

You must know that the properties in Lagos are super exorbitant, in areas such as Victoria island, Banana Island, Ibeju Lekki, Magodo, Ikoyi, Elegushi etc.

Now, these places are the best known for their real estate luxury.

Like an Abuja investor in the real estate industry, the prospective investors for Lagos Real Estate must be willing to inject high capital because of the high cost of properties in Lagos and its vicinity.


As I conclude I will say that every part of Nigeria is good for real estate investment.

This is because the Nigeria as the Giant of Africa and third largest in West Africa, is imbued with a high population.

So, the citizens are in one way or the other, ineptly engaged with economical and socio-cultural activities in the nation.

A large percentage of the citizens are striving to be better off in every way in uplifting their economic status.

Nigerians are always looking for where to stay, moving from their previous place to a better place or moving into entirely new places due to the high level of mobility of labour.

But as far as the search for the best knowledge is inevitable, I present you the above as the top 10 Powerful places to invest for real estate in Nigeria.






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