JEREMIAH 8:18-22

There Is Balm In Gilead

Without any doubt, health stands out as the greatest asset of life. God does not want you to be only spiritually robust; but also physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally healthy.

We are living in a time in which millions of people are exploring alternatives to western medicine. This has been called health explosion. You must have realized that western medicine is valuable and for some of you when you are sick, it is the first place you turn to. It is a gift from God, and I thank God for the dedicated person who serve their fellow human beings through the practice of western medicine.

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In the world today, health care is one of the costliest services; that is why God is telling you today there is a balm in Gilead and I will cure you. Balm was a healing ointment used to treat wounds and diseases while Gilead was a place in Israel where healing balm was produced in great abundance; many physicians set up their practice there because it was such a great source of balm.

Prophet Jeremiah identified with the hurts of the people, his heart fainted and he mourned in horror as he felt the heavy burden that was crushing the land. The false prophets have made wrong diagnoses and give wrong prescription and the wounds of the nation were still open, bleeding, and infected. One of the first objects of a physician is to give hope to the sick for without it he will accomplish little. It is Important to distinguish between the symptoms of a disease and the disease itself. Weakness and failure in your prayer life is a sign of spiritual weakness. There is balm in Gilead but you must believe and receive into your heart; the divine promises of God because the healing itself is in the power of God through the blood of Jesus.




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