Isaiah 10:27

When someone is anointed of the Holy Spirit, it means he is empowered with the yoke destroying anointing; to accomplish things beyond human wisdom and strength.

Bible says in Luke 4 vs18 Our Lord Jesus Christ did nothing without the anointing. He performed no miracles, healed no sick, delivered no oppressed of the devil and did no good until the Holy Spirit fell on Him. However, there is what you must encounter to establish your desired breakthroughs. It is God’s provision for your manifestation as His son. When businessmen operate under it, they become irresistible. When pastors get connected to it,they never lack what to teach their congregation, neither can their messages ever be dry. That divine provision for triumphant living is the yoke destroying anointing. You need the anointing from God because it is glorious, powerful, active and dynamic. Satan and his evil agents also anoint. Witches, wizards, magicians and tricksters are anointed of the devil for diabolical purposes. However, the anointing of God is the best. God’s anointing always results in unquestionable success. When the anointing comes upon a person, curses are broken. Are you under the influence of a curse? The anointing destroys yokes.  Signs of a curse include: a sickness or a disease whose cause is unknown or which defies all treatments; barrenness of a type where all medical examinations show that you are normal; repeatedly experiencing failure on the brink of success; mysterious and continuous tragedies in a particular family. If you observe any of these signs in your life or family, the Lord shall set you free in Jesus Name. in whatever area or field you are in. Once the anointing comes upon a man, no one can mistake him for a by word and a proverb; rather, he becomes a man in charge, with everything at his command.

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An anointed man does not have to advertise himself, as the anointing is self advertising. Once you have it, the whole world will see and know it.  However, the yoke destroying anointing represents the power of God transmitted through men in the form of spiritual electricity.



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