Wonders Of Bargaining With God

1 Samuel 1:9-11

The wonders of bargaining with God is that, Serving God and the interest of His kingdom as a lifestyle, puts you in command of all things that others are dying or struggling to get.

Now those who genuinely bargain with God, are naturally free from the affliction of sicknesses and diseases, among others. For instance, Moses was in active kingdom service and the Bible records that at one hundred and twenty years, his eyes were neither dim nor his natural force abated. Also, as long as the twelve disciples were with Jesus serving, none of them was reported sick. Thus, active stewardship entitles you to health, vitality and longevity, thereby, making you indestructible. Therefore our heavenly Father is so gracious to us that even though He is omnipotent, He still allows us to bargain with Him when the need arises. Agreements between God and mankind can be broadly classified under three categories; covenants, vows and oaths. Covenants are solemn agreements or promises which are confirmed by sacrifice, or the sharing of a meal as a token of the commitment of both parties, to uphold the articles of the covenant they have made. An example of this is the covenant between Jesus Christ; and His Church which we invoke through the Lord’s Supper. On the other hand, vows are pledges made to God as part of an appeal for something of great importance. It can also be viewed as a promise to God to do something, with the implication that failure to perform what is promised will result in divine sanctions. The fulfillment of vows, is conditioned on the granting of a request.

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Then, an oath is a binding promise with the invocation of repercussions for failing to fulfill the promise made. The curse or negative consequence, will be carried out if the oath is broken. At different times and for diverse reasons, Abraham, David , Solomon, Paul and others proved the efficacy of bargaining with God, and none of them was by any means disappointed. Entering into an agreement with God; in order to resolve a difficult issue or in order to get God to move in your favor is highly recommended, but you must not fail to fulfill your promise to Him. So the wonders of bargaining with God, is that inexplicable but undeniable settlement will follow you.



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