The Wonderful Secrets Of Abundance

Genesis 26:12-14

To be a true success in life, you must understand the wonderful secrets of abundance. Abundance is not just having money, but having it to the point that you don’t experience lack anymore. I am talking about the wealth with a covenant root; just like Abraham’s wealth is still speaking in Israel till today.

For you to understand the secrets of abundance means walking in the Word; living out the Word, because the Word of God is the secret of God. The great men and women of faith we read about in the Bible, distinguished themselves by following God’s Word. For instance in Joshua 8:1-24; Joshua walked with God according to the instructions he received from the Lord, and recorded remarkable victories for the children of Israel. So you must be prepared to work hard if you want abundance. Nevertheless, it is quite a different thing to work hard, and another thing to experience abundance. Although God may grant you open doors to financial favour, it is your responsibility to work towards getting to the pinnacle of all round abundance. To achieve this, you will be required to do a great deal of hard work. Diligence in hard work is always rewarded. Farmers work hard to reap beautiful harvest. When farmers sow seeds, they begin to grow, but weeds also alongside the seeds sown. Therefore, besides nurturing the good seeds, you must also work hard to get rid of weeds. You are not only expected to work hard, but also to pray hard. Anyone who desires an encounter with the Almighty, which would yield the ultimate abundant blessing, must be ready to work and pray hard. Because no good parent will want to see their child suffer in lack, God blesses you to make you enjoy life; not to endure life.

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You need abundance to spread the gospel of Christ. The gospel cannot get to all parts of the world without prosperity. You cannot build the house of God in poverty. God wants to prosper you to have abundance so that you can spread the gospel. So you must learn to pray hard, and call upon God to give you increase. Lazy people cannot experience all round blessing. Those who are not prepared to work and pray hard; are not yet ready for any form of meaningful breakthrough. Therefore put God first in all your earnings as from today and you will experience; the wonderful secrets of abundance.



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