Isaiah 43:13

A major difference between the unlimited Power of God and man is in the area of limitation. Man is limited in power, but God is unlimited in power.

It is written in Isaiah 40:30 Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall. As energetic as youths are, they can still faint, and fall. Man is also limited by death and strength hence James 4:13-14 compares a man’s life with vapour. On the other hand, God is not limited in strength as He is neither tired nor weary (Isaiah 40:28). He does not need to sleep or slumber because He is never tired. God is not limited by death because He lives forever. The spirit of death is only one of His numerous creatures and when God is through with it, He will send it to the lake of fire. Many people make promises that they honestly intend to keep but before they could fulfil their promises, death snatches them away. God never grows old as He is from everlasting to everlasting. Also, He has no beginning, since everything that has a beginning must equally have an end. Also the unlimited Power of God can be seen in His word; you receive power when you hear the Word.

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Hence, whatever problems there are in your life today started one day and must also end one day. Our God is unlimited in resources unlike men. There are times you will desire to do something, say assist a needy fellow or heal a sick person but the resources will be lacking: but not so with God. Some people would wish they could support projects in church or buy their pastor a car or house but they are limited in resources. The implication is this: because God cannot be limited, all our limitations are extremely limited. Every limitation facing you shall be swallowed up by the unlimited Power of God.



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