Psalm 100:1-3

Happiness is a virtue that has unlimited capacity to provoke peace and success in the life of it’s carrier. If happiness is not available life will be miserable. Happiness is what makes life meaningful and attractive. Those who go for happiness will never suffer devastation. True happiness is one of the secrets of champions and inner zeal that breed greatness. Therefore, the secret of true happiness is trusting in God.

The truth is that happiness is not a thing to be achieved, but a secret to be discovered. If your focus is on trying to find happiness by acquiring something in the future, then you will never experience true happiness. Genuine happiness is not dependent on your circumstances. It starts with thanking God for what you do have in your life. This doesn’t mean you thank God for your difficult circumstances. It means you acknowledge that God is good, trusting that He wants to use your difficult circumstances to strengthen your character and build your faith in Him. However, we go to great length in pursuit of happiness in life. We spare neither expense nor efforts to obtain what promises to give us lasting joy. We enthusiastically adopt and practice all the formulas recommended by so-called experts. Yet, happiness remains elusive. Real happiness lies in showing mercy to others, for only then can you obtain mercy. You are happy when you have pure heart, free from any spot or stain, malice or hatred, animosity or prejudice for such qualifies you to see God. Peace making also has the capacity to give you happiness, and rightly earn you recognition in the society at large. One of the greatest assets to fulfilment in life is happiness. When you are not happy, you will be helpless. There are people who are always downcast and they complain about everything in life. They allow the challenges of life to weigh them down. Your happiness shouldn’t be because things are going on smoothly; it shouldn’t be dependent on the good things going on with you or around you. Otherwise, those who live in the best houses, and have the best things of life will be the happiest people in the world. But this isn’t the case. There are people who have committed suicide while others wondered, what could have gone wrong? Everything was all right; he had the best family, he had the best job, he had enough money, he was voted the most respected man in the community. Why in the world did he kill himself? What they probably didn’t realize is that happiness doesn’t come from any of those things. It is one of the blessings that joy produces in you; joy that only comes through the Word and the Spirit of God. Your happiness is your responsibility. You have to make yourself happy continually, because your happy spirit dictates everything about your life.

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True happiness is one of the cardinal laws that guarantees outstanding success in the kingdom. This is because until you are excited, you will not excel. Your high places in life are inaccessible without joy. God knows that the more excited you are, the more you excel on earth. Therefore, the secret of true happiness is that it gives you open doors for a complete turn around in your life and your career.



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