The Purpose Of A True Worship

John 4:23

God is a spirit; those that worship Him must worship him in truth and in spirit that is the purpose of a true worship.

The first thing to learn about true worship is that worship should be in accordance to the commandments of God, but it should not be mechanical. In other words, obedience must precede any act of worship and it must come from the depth of your being. The life of worship is not optional for every child of God, it is the purpose of creation. Until your worship is total it is not acceptable to God. Bible says in Isaiah 43:21 This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise. God is not looking for singers; He is looking for true worshippers. There is a great difference between a worshipper and a singer. The Bible does tell us about the singers in Israel, but i want you to know that David was a worshipper. Any worshipper who is not living in obedience to the word of God worships in vain. Of such are Christians who call Jesus Lord, Lord, but fail to do the will of God. Their effort is fruitless and their act of worship does not move God. You will not worship God in vain in Jesus Name. Any act of worship that is mechanical, devoid of true love, faith, reverent adoration, honour, and praise to the Almighty God will not be acceptable. Worship that is true and acceptable to God must be offered in spirit and in truth; it must be offered wholeheartedly and with total submission to the will of God.

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The right attitude is required for your worship to be counted worthy and acceptable to God. The first step is to carry out a self examination to be sure that your heart is right with God. The purpose of a true worship, is for you to have the confidence to enter in to the presence of God; and worship Him without any hindrance.



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