The Principles Of Christian Dressing

Genesis 3:21

Your dressing and appearance, are an important index of Christian character. Clothes and appearance are most powerful nonverbal communicators not only of your socioeconomic status, but also of your moral values. Because God was the first tailor who clothed Adam and Eve with a singular purpose of covering their nakedness, moderately and completely. So the principles of Christian dressing, is for you not to loss your social status; and personal identity.

Now, style has always been an important part of self expression. It gives meaning to your ethnicity, social status, and personal identity. It can also be based on your professional ethics, weather or climate change, or personal preference. In all, it should be modest and reflect your Christian values. However, your dressing should make you and to a great extent, others who see you, comfortable. As a believer you are no more living for yourself, therefore, your mode of dressing must glorify God openly and in the secret. So Christian dressing should, therefore, not encourage pride and lust but inward adorning only. It must not cause fellow believers to stumble. Also careless dressing can misrepresent you; and what you stand for as a child of God. Because, people tend to either accord you with respect or disdain; by the way you are dressed. In other words the way you dress; is the way you will be addressed. Even though you are created to be morally independent, with the ability to make personal decisions, you  have to make use of your creative mind to filter your dressing; in a way that will be pleasing to God. But in our society today, many of our youths and adults dress in several ways; that defy the original purpose of God in cloth wearing. Nowadays, it is hard to distinguish Christians from non Christians; in their dressing. In some pentecostal churches, their young ladies dress like prostitutes and young men dress like area boys. Males and females parade themselves with anti scriptural types of dressing and life styles such as mini skirts, sagging, armless blouses and all kinds of horrible dresses; that are not Christ like or Godly.

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So, through ungodly dressing, many people have opened doorways for demons; and provided ladders for evil spirits to invade their lives. Therefore as singles determined to make a difference, what you wear should reflect your mission and prove that you are heading to a glorious future. Be modest, decent, and moderate. So the principles of Christian dressing, is that you are the light of the world.


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