The Powerful Healing Word

Psalm 107:20

Healing is a state of being restored from sickness, to health by God’s intervention while divine health is a state of not getting sick at all; this is why you need the powerful healing word in your life today.

Now from scriptures, we discover that Jesus introduced Himself as the Great Physician; but interestingly Jesus healing ministry covers all manner of sicknesses and diseases, and all through His earthly ministry, He never referred any case brought to Him. That is what makes Him the Great Physician. However, we must understand that healing, health and wholeness are exclusive reserve for the redeemed. That was why Jesus, called it the children’s bread when the woman of Canaan, requested for her daughter’s healing. I have a challenge with some Christians today, and it has to do with their lack of faith, in the infallible word of God. Although they profess to believe in the word of God, their actions and responses to God’s word plainly shows unbelief. After sitting in the church of God and receive powerful words from God; for their deliverance, some of them show their doubt and unbelief by insisting on meeting with different ministers of God, to lay their hands on them before they would be delivered. This is disheartening, and I pray that God will make such people understand, the power in His word from today onwards. Every word from God is full of power, and even the written word in this article is power packed. From our anchor scripture, Note the words that He used; He sent his word. He Himself did not leave His throne, He only sent His word and the word did the healing.

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Praise the Lord, i am sending the word of God to a person in need of it today, saying be healed in Jesus name. Now i want you to understand, that God’s Word is the balm in Gilead. Again, we saw in scriptures that everyone who heard Jesus preach was made whole, instantly. However, it is not enough to know the great prescription of the Great Physician, we must administer it as prescribed before we can enjoy the benefit therein. This is because buying drugs prescribed by the doctor, from the pharmacy does not guarantee one’s healing; it is taking it that does. Similarly, finding the Word does not guarantee our healing, it is putting it to work that releases the healing virtues therein. So beloved, believe in the powerful   healing word that the Lord is sending to you today; irrespective of the number of years you have spent in your walk with Him.



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