Exodus 14:15-17

Many times God is moving forward in you because He wants you to embrace His plans and move forward, trusting Him each step of the way. The only way to move forward is to look forward. You cannot brood over the past and assume the future. It takes you forgetting the past to be able to envision the future. Forward looking is what birth forward movement. Therefore, the power to move forward is a command from God who knows that there is a possibility of a new level.

Many people have made frantic efforts to move forward in their lives and change levels in their respective businesses, careers, pursuits and endeavours. But nothing has worked for them. Such people might think that it is very difficult for one to enjoy limitless opportunities and rise to the top. Others might also think that there is nothing like enjoying a world of no limits in their affair. Is there such a thing as moving forward? Let me tell you this, there is something like moving forward and enjoying a world of no limits. It is a world where you will have things the way you want them at all times. The problem is that there are some who don’t believe that nothing is impossible with God. It is when you believe what God says, that you escape from human realm to spiritual realm. When your faith in whatever God says comes alive, you escape the human realm to the realm of divinity. When you gain access to revelation, it infuses divine nature in you. However, God does not want you to be backward, going through life looking in the rear vision mirror. But you can’t help yourself. When you remember the hurts of the past and the mistakes you made. It is time to look ahead and focus on what is before you. God wants to do a new thing in your life. He wants you to rise up to your full potential in Him. He has called you to do mighty things. He will even make a way when you feel lost, and refresh you when you are burning in the heat. You have to keep on moving forward. It is only in moving forward that you can ever accomplish what God has called you to. You can’t stay at a place, neither can you go backwards. The only direction you can go is forward. Yes, it can be hard but it is the only way if you want to move on in God and grow. Don’t be afraid to keep moving on, for what was before you, has gone God wants to accomplish so many things through you, but you need to move forward in the Lord. If you ceased to go forward, you will fall and hurt yourself. You can never live this life on the highest plane unless you continually growing and moving forward. Stop holding on to the past if you want to lay hold of the future. Empty your mind from the memory of the past and fill it with the creative vision of the future. Stop looking for human sympathy; rather look up for God’s help.

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As I have often said, life is a constant process of moving forward. And the moment you stop moving forward, you will start moving backward. Therefore, the power to move forward has been given to us from above.



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