The Power Of Restoration

Joel 2:25

When the earth was in shambles in the beginning, the wonder working God restored it by His word. So anything that the spirit of loss has snatched, can be recovered by our God. He can restore lost years, through the power of restoration.

Now it is interesting to note that the Almighty does not only create, He also restores. I command the restoration power of the Almighty to come upon you today in Jesus name. Restoration is a desire of life, but it can only be accessed through revelation. You need to understand, that revelation is the gateway to your inheritance. That means what you considered lost over the years; can be given to you presently. Have you lost any valuable thing at some point? This year, the Lord will restore it to you in Jesus name. Similarly, God can reverse the natural ageing process and restore youthfulness and vigour to you, hence Psalm 103:5 says God renews your youth like the eagles. If you know how to tap into this grace of God, you will live like a youth in spite of your age throughout your life. Because your restoration heritage is guaranteed in Christ, but it is your insight that defines the limit of access to your inheritance. For God’s end time prophetic agenda; confers on you restoration rights. Therefore, restoration is a vital aspect of God’s end time agenda and we are the end time saints.

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For instance, Job was an addicted lover of God in spite of all his challenges. His three friends mocked him; yet, love moved him to pray for them. So your genuine love for God will flow to all men, including those who hurt you. It was after Job’s demonstration of love that God restored him. Job was a lover of God with proofs to show. You cannot turn your back on the God of restoration, and experience restoration. God can restore the years you wasted as an unbeliever. He can restore wasted efforts. In Luke 5:1-7, Peter toiled all night without a fish. Yet, when the Lord came into his emptiness, a harvest of several fishing trips was his at a go. Friends, the grace to enjoy divine restoration is available, because the power of restoration is still at work today.



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