James 5:17-18

Most Christians say they believe the power in prayer but in reality, they don’t see much power in it. the reason for that kind of attitude is that they don’t pray much.

James was an expert in prayer, tradition has it that James had a nickname old Camel’s Knees. He spent so much time on his knees praying that calluses had developed . Prayer is a wonderful thing because the God you pray to is a living and powerful God who hears and answers your prayers. There is a kind of prayer that provokes the release of signs and wonders. It is not necessarily long drawn, neither must it be accomplished with shouting. The prayer that avails much is praying with power. It is this type of prayer that releases tremendous power, which is dynamic in its working. The Lord God sometimes punishes individuals, group or nations by holding back what they needed most for their living. Sometimes God deliberately delays your prayer to the point heaven becomes like brass and the earth is unable to produce crops that are necessary for life. The background to the power of prayer is found in (1kings  chapter 17 and 18). The issue was that the nation needed rain after three and half years of drought but Elijah prayed with power and God answered his prayer. It is this type of prayer that triggers off the miraculous. When you pray sometimes, even as the prayer is leaving your lips you know it is nothing but a religious rite, because it is not arriving at God’s throne. But when your whole being is involved in praying, you actually succeed in arresting heaven’s attention. It is not really how long you spend praying that matters, but the content of your prayer. Let’s have a look at some successful praying people in the Bible and how they made it through to God.

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The woman Hannah was indeed one to be pitied. She had been barren for years, and to make matters worse, she had a rival who provoked her sore. Tormented and afflicted, Hannah went before God and poured out her heart to the Lord. As she prayed, her mouth moved, but the words she uttered could not be heard. Yet she was praying from her heart and it released enough power to break the chains of barrenness. You can say something to God from your heart, that will change your destiny. All that you required is to connect with the power of prayer.


  1. How do we pray with power ???? And those kind of prayer that provokes the release of signs and wonders ????.

    • When you engage your heart and the word of God which is the power of God. Then you are praying with power.

    • When you pray with the word of God you are praying with power, because the word of God is the power of God.


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