The Wonder Working Power Of God's Presence

Numbers 23:21-24

One of the first things, that a genuinely born again Christian will quickly enjoy, about the Christian experience is the power of God’s presence.

It is of special interest to know that; no curse can be placed on you and no evil can be done against you. Even witchcraft is of no effect, as long as you submit to the royal rule of God. So when you walk in faith and obedience, no power of the enemy can harm you. Now when you come under God’s authority, His authority comes upon you. Then you will be able to resist the devil, and his demons in the authority of His name and by the power of His word. Immediately you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, the powers that used to manipulate and control things in your life becomes paralysed as you begin to call upon the Name of the Lord. This is simply because, all power belongs to Jesus (Matthew 28:18) and He has deposited so much of this power in His Name. The power of God’s presence, is so potent and active that there is no limitation, whatsoever to what you can achieve through the application of the Name. The dead has come alive by the Name, sorrow has been turned to joy in many lives by the Name, and the Name has brought salvation to billions of souls.

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According to Luke 10:19, Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. The presence of God, carries supreme authority and unlimited power. Having understood this truth, you ought to praise His Name at all times and deploy the power in His Name against all challenges and circumstances you are confronted with. For instance in Mark 9:38-39; A certain man caught the revelation of the power in the Name of Jesus even before His death and resurrection, and he deployed it. He was not even one of the disciples, who were with Jesus or among those who followed Jesus at all times. Yet, he understood the power in the Name of Jesus and he took advantage of it. Therefore, the power of God’s presence, will do you no good if you do not apply it. As you walk in the joy of His presence, power and protection may the potent power in His name work for you in Jesus name.



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