The Only Way Out

John 14:6

Our Lord Jesus Christ has many names and titles. The purpose of these names; is to enlighten the eyes of your understanding to the reality of His person, that He is the only way out of every unpleasant situation.

What does the Lord mean when He says He is the Way? If you need to get to a location and you are at a loss on how to get there, the wise thing to do is to ask people at your current location the way out where you are in order to get to where you wish to go. For instance in 2kings 6:5, the Prophet Elisha manifested this kind of supernatural understanding and wisdom back in bible days. One day, he and some other prophets were at Jordan, and as one of them hewed down a tree, his axe head pulled off and sank in the river. The axe had been borrowed, and so he cried out to Elisha for help; In his response, Elisha simply cut off a tree branch and tossed it at the spot where the axe head fell, and instantly, the axe head floated up to the surface. How did Elisha know to do that? By the wisdom of God. He is also the way into the new location of your choice.

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The Bible in 1 Peter 2:24, reveals Jesus as the way out of sickness. Also Peter visited some believers living in Lydda and met Aeneas who had been bedridden for eight years. He simply introduced him to Jesus Christ, and Aeneas followed the Name of Jesus out of sickness into divine healing and health. The Name of Jesus is also the way out of death. The scripture shows that the sick, the lepers and the dead can follow the pathway of Jesus out of their circumstances. Anyone who has an appointment with death can be delivered by following the name of Jesus, because Jesus is the way out of any situation having to do with death. According to Acts 27:12-44, Some 276 sailors, soldiers and prisoners were lost at sea for fourteen days and faced sure death in the hands of a violent hurricane called Euroclydon. For fourteen days, their souls were overwhelmed with the fear of death and they could not eat anything. They all would have died but for the presence of Paul who bore the Name of Jesus amongst them. The Lord sent His angel to Paul to show them the way of escape from the clutches of death. Do you have an early appointment; with death that agents of darkness have fixed for you, do not give in to it, because our Lord Jesus is the only way out of death.



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