The Man God Uses To Fulfil His Purpose

2 Timothy 2:20-21

Today’s scripture speaks of the availability of vessels of different makes; designs, and qualities to a great person. The choice of the man God uses to fulfil His purpose, is dependent on the master’s preference and the suitability of each vessel to the assignment at hand.

There are different qualities of vessels in God’s house; vessels of silver and gold, and vessels of wood and of earth. Being born again, we are all vessels in the house of God, made for honouring Him. None of us was made unto dishonour each one of us has been raised for His glory, but you can decide if you are going to be a vessel of honour, or a vessel of dishonour. Now, the man that God will use for any assignment must be found suitable for kingdom assignment. God is always in the business of looking for suitable resources that He can use to fulfil His purpose here on earth. Whenever He finds one, He proceeds with the preparation and training of the chosen for the assignment. Incidentally, the divine equipment usually employed for the preparation and training of the man that God will use is the cross. However, you must place yourself where you ought to be, and be available for Him to use you. The responsibility is yours, to be in a constant state of readiness, and be willing to take on more responsibilities for the Lord.

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Bible says in, Hebrews 10:10 By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all. Many Christians are not fulfilling their purpose in life and ministry, because they have consistently refused the required training for their assignments, and because they are not found to be suitable yet, their commissioning remains pending. May the Lord wake you up to the reality of your situation today, so that you can take your rightful place in the programme of heaven in Jesus name. The man that God will use becomes completely transformed by going through the preparation process of God. Therefore, the man God uses to fulfil His purpose, is able to bring incredible changes and blessings into the life of anyone that comes in contact with him, through him, people with broken spirits, unstable families, the poor, those with health challenges, the demon possessed, and the disenfranchised, can all find peace and prosperity with God.



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