The Lord Of Host Is Your Defender

Psalm 3:3

It has been confirmed from the scriptures, that the lord of host is your defender, therefore He is worthy to be praised at every moment of your life. For He is your strength, your rock, your fortress, your shield and high tower.

Now the Bible tells us in proverbs 18:10; that the name of the Lord is a strong tower, that the righteous can always run to at any time and remain secure. The Almighty God, is the security upon which one should base his life. These days when there is no nation that does not have its own share of the global security crises, it is certain that unless the Lord watches over you, you become vulnerable to the evil events flying around. God is the only guarantee and assurance of your faith; hence, you can be confident that you will always be delivered even in extreme circumstances. Sometimes, God will allow you to fall into a great calamity before He comes visiting. He does this, just to reassure you that nothing is over until He says so. He want you to have an evidence; of His deliverance in your life for future purposes.  Furthermore, He is your defence and shield. This is something you have to be conscious of and grateful to the Lord for, because it means that not only is He your defender, He is also your strength. So you should have no fear at all, not of anyone or anything. Now who do you cry to when faced with challenges in life, your biological father, mother, friend or worst of all, a witchdoctor.

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I want to tell you a story, of a man who went to consult a witchdoctor for help. The witchdoctor promised to help this man, and told him to return in seven days, for a charm that would subdue his enemies. When he arrived on the seventh day, he met a lot of people in mourning, and he thought that one of the witchdoctors in patients must have died. To his shock however, when he asked to see the witchdoctor, he was told that the one who promised him victory over his enemies had just given up the ghost. So, deliverance is of the Lord. It is only the Almighty God, that can deliver. There is no pastor or prophet anywhere, who can deliver. It does not matter how defenceless you are, the Lord of host is your defender.



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