The Importance Of Self Development

Mathew 25:15

Personal development is very important, for a Christian who wants to fulfill all that God has deposited inside of him. Self development is the conscious choice, to improve one’s life and to become a better person and to grow as an individual. It is the act of deciding for yourself, how to improve your skills and taking action to do it. It is a lifelong process, and your single days are the most appropriate time to prepare for the future.

To develop means growing up gradually. It also means becoming larger, mature, advanced or organized. In order to move forward and be productive, you must develop yourself because using a blunt iron for a job requires more strength to get the job done. It is through development, that you can maximize the wisdom of God within you. The wisdom of God, is Christ Himself within you. The Bible gives insight into how you can make the best use of your single days to the glory of God, thereby laying a great foundation for distinction in life. Now one of the importance of self development is that, it adds value to yourself and helps you diversify to be fulfilled as a Christian. You have been given the ability to develop yourself, so you have to work it out. You must grow spiritually and mentally. To develop spiritually, you are required to study and develop yourself. Never allow your work for God interrupt your walk with God; because your walk with God is your spiritual build up and it is the most vital. It supersedes working for God. Walking with God is paying attention, to the word of God. In spiritual development, two keys a very important; the Word and prayer. Many believers are developed spiritually, but lack mental development. So pursue knowledge by laying hold on relevant books and messages from renowned authors, to build your mental capacity.

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Desire and pursue mental development. Daniel was blessed with the spirit of wisdom, but he learnt the secret of stirring up that gift by reading books. Anytime you are confronted with any issue, settle down, think through, and look for books that speak in that direction. If it is finance, gather materials on it and read and develop your mind on how to walk out of that financial challenge. To keep reading is the easiest way, to stir up the gifts of God in you. Reading makes you to be informed. Therefore the importance of self development, is that you will live your life to the fullest, and also be able to enjoy your future family.


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