Psalm 92:1-2

Laughter has long been hailed the best medicine, but a growing body of research is showing gratitude to be a major player in the path to a happy and healthy existence. Showing gratitude to God, especially for gifts and blessings received, is required and expected. God abhors ungrateful people. God expects you to give Him thanks in all circumstances you are confronted with. Therefore, the hidden secret of showing gratitude is that  destiny opens up to you on its own accord.

Gratitude is appreciating God from your heart for His goodness and benefits towards you. Because only a heartfelt thanksgiving produces result, so be thankful in all circumstances. Gratitude envelops you in God and that makes you unlikable, unmolestable and indestructible. Gratitude qualifies you to carry divine presence and that is all you need to have a triumphant ride in life. It attracts sustainable fruitfulness. When you make a habit of focusing on and appreciating the positive parts of life, you enhance your overall well-being. Thus, focusing on more positive thoughts of things you appreciate can be a wise addition to your nightly routine. Gratitude seemed to directly foster social support and to protect people from stress and depression. Showing gratitude may not only have a negative influence on depression, but may also counteract the symptoms of depression by enhancing a state of peace of mind and reducing ruminative thinking. Gratitude based interventions facilitates improvement in healthy eating behavior, a goal that many of us have for our health. You should aim to designate at least five minutes a day to reflect on what you are grateful for. The important thing is to carve out time to reflect on everything that happens in your life. You are to thank God when you are full and when you are empty. Because, some people don’t know the value and power of a grateful heart; therefore, they complain over everything. If they aren’t bemoaning the economic situation, they are complaining about the pains in their bodies or about some other problem. They are hardly ever happy, because they are blind to all the good things happening in, and around them, for which they ought to be grateful. You are to continuously show appreciation for the many things you normally take for granted. These observations can be as small as appreciating a smile from a coworker or as large as connecting with the depth of love you feel for someone close to you.

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However, many people are grounded because they take God for granted. When you are not appreciated for the favour you showed to someone, you are constrained from doing any further favour towards such person; this is natural. The hidden secret of showing gratitude is that it empowers you to scale higher.



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