The Effects Of Defiling Your Marriage Bed

Malachi 2:13-17

marriage bed is not a piece of furniture called bed in your bedroom, but the sexual union that is between you and your spouse. It is a sacred thing, and a covenant that you signed on your wedding night. This is what makes you and your spouse one. So the effects of defiling your marriage bed, is that you will not escape God’s judgment without repentance.

Now sexual immorality, is what defiles marriage bed. Whether you are married or not, engaging in sexual relationship is deeper than what meets the eye. Apart from sexual infidelity, one other way of defiling the matrimonial bed is through domestic violence. This can come, from the man or woman. God hates violence generally, but particularly despises it in marriage. Because the breakdown of affection, between married couples is a highly emotional issues with God, so much so that in our anchor scripture the tears, weeping and crying emanating from the agony of broken marriages; made Him disregard the people’s worship. Many people don’t know that domestic violence, particularly among married couples, is a great hindrance and stumbling block to their spiritual growth and blessing. Violence, wife battering, husband battering and the like directly offend the Almighty God. Therefore it is only within the context of marriage, that guilt does not accompany sex. Defiling the marriage bed, as a single person, it is the quickest route to experiencing shame in marriage; whether you are marrying the person involved or not. As a single person, do not think that you are not defiling any bed; since you are not married. This might be a deception of the devil. So extramarital affairs do not just happen; there are factors that could trigger this evil in anyone that is not sensitive to the devices of the devil. The number one factor is covetousness.

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Because It is covetousness that makes you think that a lady outside is more beautiful, and better than your wife. Also, a covetous woman will always prefer another man to her husband, thinking the man is richer or more handsome. A single lady that is covetous will sell her body to get money, because she is not satisfied with the little she has. This sinful nature craves for the things that are sensual; that is, things that appeal to the eyes, taste, touch and feelings. Therefore the effects of defiling your marriage bed, is that the wrath of God will be upon you and lose your marital dignity.



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