The Days Of Captivity Is Over

2 Kings 7:1-9

Captivity is a situation in which an individual is surrounded by a stronger physical or spiritual power, for the purpose of capturing or tormenting him or her. Now, Christianity has not promised a life without difficulties or problems though our God is loving and gracious, plenteous in mercy – challenges are bound to come our way. But it takes the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome social challenges and break free from the captivity posed by the devil. Therefore the days of captivity are over, because God has placed the devil where he belongs.

However, all around you, you may see many whose stories depict frustration and despair, pain and poverty; they are broken, displaced, and helpless. Some people see this terrible picture of the needy and ask, Isn’t there a God? Couldn’t He have done something? Yes, there is a God; and He has already done something. For instance on several occasions, the children of Israel, due to their stubborn attitude towards God experienced sieges in varying intensity and severity. Whenever they are free from captivity, the people who were its victim rejoice because it is not a pleasant experience at all. The Lord is saying to someone reading this article that the days of captivity are over in your life. Now our anchor scripture, records the  great deliverance of the children of Israel from a terrible captivity. This situation was so severe that women began to eat their own children. However, when God lifted the children of Israel out of captivity through the words of His prophet, scarcity turned into plenty. Therefore, the first thing you will notice in a person’s life after he is free from captivity is a turnaround from lack to prosperity. An economic captivity causes parents to send their children into forced labour for survival instead of being in school. The Lord will deliver you today if you are in this type of situation. Because God knows the difficulties you are passing through, and He knows your various challenges. God uses those things to prepare you for greater testimonies of a life of ease and glory.

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Therefore, it doesn’t matter what your case is; in Christ you have hope. In Christ you have been delivered; you have victory, glory, and life eternal. It makes no difference where you are in life, if have receive Christ, He will usher you into the transcendent life. One more thing that happens when captivity is lifted is that wealth changes hands. The Syrians abandoned all they brought at the gate of Samaria, and the people of Samaria became rich overnight, having food, clothing, silver, gold, horses and much more. I announce to you today, the days of captivity are over in Jesus name.



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