The Dangers Of Financial Crisis

Proverbs 14:20-22

Now money is already failing, in so many countries. Money is fast losing its value. The lower denominations of currencies, in some countries are already being phased out. So when you understand the dangers of financial crisis, you will be exempted from financial embarrassment. So, money failure or devaluation is not strange. Because there is nothing new, under the sun. Therefore, peace is desirable because it signifies everything that is calm, quite and in order. On the other hand, crisis are undesirable because they bring turbulence, trouble, fear and absence of rest.

While all crisis are bad, a financial crisis is one of the worst crisis that can hit the foundation of an individual, family or community. One reason why financial crisis are more deadly, is because they can trigger off other crisis. So from our anchor scripture, because of the poverty of the poor, many of his neighbours prefer to avoid him. Some would even develop hatred for him, just for that reason. This describes the attitude of many unsaved people, to their poor neighbours. It is so unfortunate, that some believers also follow this evil trend. This has led to the formation of cliques and factions, in places where there should be unity and togetherness. These crisis has led many people, to sell their property for food. Because not everybody who is selling a car, now has two. People are selling their cars to buy food. Some individuals have just one house, and have had to sell it to become tenants. Some Church leaders cannot stand, seeing those who are not well to do. As a result, they discriminate against them, using every excuse in the book. They appoint only those who are rich into positions, even when they know that the poor are more ideal for such positions. Are you hated by your neighbours, because of the financial crisis you are confronted with fear not.

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The Lord will hear your cry today, and bring you out of poverty and reproach. Moreover, financial crisis can make an individual contemplate suicide. Due to the financial crisis that, the widow of Zarephath was going through with her son; she decided that they should just take their last meal and afterwards die. Have you found yourself in a similar situation, where you are contemplating or have even attempted suicide. Stop it right now, and call on God and He will deliver you. So when you understand the dangers of financial crisis, you will come out of poverty. 


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