The Consequences Of Unforgiveness

Matthew 6:12

As a child of God, you have to be watchful of pitfalls capable of nullifying all your efforts to make Heaven. The pitfalls that are capable of disqualifying people or a person from making heaven are unforgiveness and bitterness because it is a sin before God. Therefore, one of the consequences of unforgiveness is that lots of miracles are delayed as a result of unforgiveness.

Now, long-held grudges and bitterness toward a person or friend, and unresolved conflict can go deeper than you might realize—it might be affecting your physical health. Moreover, studies have found that the act of forgiveness attracts great rewards for your health, improving cholesterol levels and sleep; lowering the risk of a heart attack, and reducing pain, improve the mental condition, blood pressure, and levels of anxiety, depression and stress. Forgiveness, however, calms stress levels, resulting in improved health.

In This Article, We Shall Define What Is Unforgiveness, Forgiveness And The Consequences Of Unforgiveness.

                               What Is Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness is to hold someone responsible or be angry with someone for something that person has done. It is the failure to pardon sins and forget about it as if they had never been committed. Unforgiving is an act that should not be seen among Christians. Any child of God who thrives in an unforgiving attitude is standing on dangerous grounds. Unforgiveness has many negative consequences ranging from loss of peace and rest to falling short of God’s grace. Not only does it trouble people or individuals, but it also goes beyond that to defile the person. Unforgiveness separates you from enjoying the profits of dependence on God’s blessings, wisdom and separates you from growing more of the fruit of the Spirit in your life.

According to Wikipedia forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, and overcomes negative emotions such as resentment and vengeance. It is not a decision to simply internalize your unforgiveness and never mention it again. It is a decisive action whereby you let go of all bitterness and anger and refuse to replay or dwell upon those offenses again. However, God made provisions for you to forgive whenever you sin and confess so that you can be forgiven. The gospel of Jesus Christ offers forgiveness to people that are in need of forgiveness. Also, according to the gospel of Matthew 18:21-25, the king forgives his servant who owed him much. That king is God. We are heirs of the dominion of God first and foremost because God first forgave us. And His banner of forgiveness remains over you when you walk in forgiveness in your personal life. You must learn to forgive those that offend you. As you walk in forgiveness towards those who hurt you, you continually activate the love and the blessing of the Father into your life. He shows you His mercy and you experience His Power and Presence.

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For instance in the gospel of Matthew chapter 6, Jesus gave His disciples a prayer outline and then, He immediately emphasized the prayer point that dealt with forgiveness. He stated that if you forgive others their trespasses, God will forgive you your own trespasses but if you fail to forgive others then your own sins won’t be forgiven. In essence, the fulfillment of every other segment of the prayer hangs on your willingness, or otherwise, to forgive others. We all stand at the intersection of our vertical relationship with God and therefore the horizontal relationships with people. So, it is impossible to divorce your relationship with God from your relationship with other people.

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Forgiveness is vital because it helps us to press the push button on broken relationships and fellowship with God. To develop a forgiving heart, you must realize the consequences of unforgiveness. When you genuinely forgive someone, you not only set them free but you set yourself free also. Therefore, there is also an eternal consequence of unforgiveness. God tells us that unforgiveness has clear consequences and, it is true.

In fact, here are the consequences of unforgiveness.

1. Loss of Vitality and Health

The consequences of unconfessed sin are bad. And, in case you refuse to forgive, don’t anticipate to be as healthy and glad as you ought to. Because God provides vitality, health, healing and blessing through forgiveness, both for those confessing, person seeking forgiveness and those forgiven.

2. Unforgiveness Makes Someone A Candidate For Hell.

if someone offends you so hard that you promised never to forgive the person, there is a need to forgive and release that person so that you can make Heaven at last. Anyone who hates his brother has stepped out of God’s mild into darkness and identify as a murderer inside the sight of God.

If you’re in hatred, you are out of everlasting life. Has everybody indignant you to the extent which you resolved not to forgive? You should alternate that selection now if you do no longer want it to restrict your trip to Heaven. Is there unforgiveness in your heart over some hurt or offense carried out on you? If you love yourself, please forgive that person today.

3. Unforgiveness Frustrates The Sovereignty Of God

Sometimes, forgiveness is easy however at different times, forgiveness is hard. If you have never been in a situation where forgiveness is difficult, you do not understand why the offended party is finding it hard to get over the betrayal or the hurt that the memory brings. Joseph was someone who experienced deep betrayal. His ten older brothers disrespect him frequently, then they sold him to foreigners and he in the end ended up in Potiphar’s residence as a slave. The brothers went back to inform their father he was dead. They told the lie frequently that it became their truth. It seemed like Joseph’s life continued downhill due to the fact Potiphar’s wife lied towards him and he landed in jail. There was no manner he would analyze his existence in Egypt and it would not lead to his brothers’ betrayal. The way Joseph treated the problem is a beautiful story of forgiveness. You must understand and trust the same truth which Joseph understood and trusted – God is sovereign over the circumstances of life.

4. It Hinders Your Answers To Prayer.

According to the gospel of Mark chapter 11 vs 25 And once you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, in order that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your sins. therefore, the answers to your prayer hang on your willingness, to forgive others.

5. It makes Heaven Reject Your Gifts And Sacrifices.

According to the gospel of Matthew 5:23-24 Therefore, if you’re providing your present at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First move and be reconciled with your brother; then come and present your gift. So, if you don’t forgive people who offend you it makes heaven to reject your gifts and sacrifices.

6. It Harms Our Relationship with God

Forgiveness is man’s greatest need due to the fact we’re sinners naturally and this sin has incurred the wrath of God. The only hope we have of escape from sin is that God himself has forgiven us.

7. It Deprives Us Of God’s Grace

Many people in the world today have lost their ministry and anointing because of offense, bitterness and unforgiveness. When you do not forgive right away, offense, wrath and unforgiveness turn into bitterness which like some spiritual infection poisons your spiritual life and deprives you of God’s grace.

8. Unforgiveness Betrays the Forgiveness of God

One reason why you must forgive is that God said so; it is a commandment. He has forgiven us. God’s command to us is that since we’ve been forgiven, we should forgive others. That is, God via forgiveness is producing a forgiving people. It is what He expects and it’s what He demands.


An unforgiving spirit can rob you of God’s presence. People act to the simplest of their knowledge per time. Apart from Satan, our main distraction is people. Jesus didn’t get distracted via the wickedness of the people when He was on the cross. In your pain, put your focus on God and remember that the consequences of unforgiveness lead to eternal regret.


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