The Benefits Of His Presence

Psalm 16:11

It Is always a great experience to be in God’s presence, because the benefits of his presence, is that the fullness of joy and everlasting pleasures reside there.

In the presence of our Lord Jesus; there is a way out of every unpleasant situation that anyone can ever experience. He is the way out of sorrow, sickness, death and embarrassment. He is Heaven’s approved lifeline to those who are sinking. In any negative situation you find yourself, Jesus Christ will make a way out for you this season. However, the state of your life determines what you derive from God’s presence. Therefore while the righteous receive joy in God’s presence, the enemies of God or those with wicked schemes will melt like wax before the fire of His presence. While the fire of God’s Presence protects His own, It acts as an incinerating agent against the enemies of God’s people. As you live in obedience to God from now on, the fire of God that protects you will destroy your enemies in Jesus name. With this knowledge of the potency of God’s presence, every child of God should desire at all times to be in His presence.

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Now, one place you should long to be often is the presence of God. Every time you access God’s presence, something good comes your way. The more you enter into God’s presence, the more He causes His will in Heaven to prevail over your situation or circumstance on earth. As you enter His presence and stay there, a part of His glory rubs off on you; covering your shame and bringing you joy and laughter. According to 1Chronicles 26:4-8, the presence of God in the house of Obededom turned his children into mighty men of valour. No more did they continue as people who did not matter. God’s presence is the place where you can find all the joy you need. In fact, your joy is made full in His presence. The presence of God therefore strengthens those under it to serve God. If you come under the cover of God’s glory, you will have your strength renewed. In God’s presence is divine strength to serve God. So the benefits of His presence, is that you will not lack the energy to serve Him or the grace to live for Him.



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