Exodus 32:26

Decision is the act of being resolute irrespective of circumstances seeking to prevail over your affairs. It is the process of making choices by identifying a decision, gathering information, and assessing alternative resolutions. Making decisions is a routine process that is of vital importance in all human endeavours. An individual’s level of success and achievements are usually the product of past decisions and choices. Therefore, the awesome power of taking decision is that it helps you stand your ground against all odds.

Now, human beings make decisions everyday and personal choices concerning food to eat, where to go, what clothes to wear and who to relate with, which college to attend, what programme to enroll in. You also make decisions based on your personal preferences in the area of religion, carrier, vocation, fashion and marriage. However, life often leads you to a point of decision where the choices before you have the potential of changing the course of your life permanently for good or bad. How you handle such turning point decisions goes a long way in determining the fulfillment of your destiny in life. Because, your decision is what will make heaven to either back you or leave you. Accept responsibility and give your life a meaning. Good message don’t make good people; it is decision backed up with action that produce good result. Where you are located does not determine your success; your success is determined by how you think. You have to come out from the way your people think; think according to the word of God. Every result around you is a function of what goes on inside you. If you want to change your result; change what goes on in your mind. Therefore, understand that you don’t have to make mistakes or learn from someone’s mistake before you get things right. When you are led by the Spirit of God, He will guide you in the right path and help you make the right decisions every time. So, taking decision is not a one time approach that will fix everything. Instead, it is a long lasting approach.

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However, as a child of God, you are privileged to have insight into God’s truth, as recorded in scriptures or received through the revelation of the Holy Spirit. You must therefore be careful not to resist God’s will or rebel against His commandments in making decision. So, the awesome power of taking decision is that it elevates you above other people in your field.



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