Ecclesiastes 9:10

Now, knowing your assignment determines your attainment in life. It is imperative that you discover the particular assignment God has for you. You can only find your destinies helpers, true friends and partners in your area of assignment. No matter what you do, you can never find happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment until you discover your assignment in life. Therefore, the awesome power of life assignment is that it brings fulfilment.

However, when you are committed to your life assignment, you are bound to be distinguished. Your life assignment requires total focus. Many people are waiting for things to happen on their own. When you are truly committed to your life assignment, you will become creative. When you are creative, you become productive, which guarantees success. It is the medium for expressing your potentials. Assignment has a way of compelling comportment. Nothing gets a man’s attention like his assignment. Anyone uncomfortable with your assignment is not qualified to be close to you. Anybody who does not respect your assignment should be far from you, else, your assignment will suffer a decline. Without commitment to your assignment, your stardom will never be a reality. To improve in your assignment, learn from the best, not from average people. Because, nobody respects you for your look but for the outcome of your assignment. Therefore, do not give a casual approach to your assignment. You must be committed to your work at hand; that is the way to distinction. Responsibility is the price for greatness. There are lots of renowned and well to do people in the world who are committing suicide on daily basis because they are living their lives outside God’s purpose. It is assignment that reveals a man’s seriousness or unseriousness. Never pursue what you are not committed to. There is nothing extraordinary on its own; it is man’s input with commitment that makes it so. Everybody wants to be a star but nobody can become a star without a scar. Without divine purpose, life becomes bored. There is a vacuum in every individual that material things cannot fill except divine assignment.

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Happiness may depend on what is happening around you but joy comes from the spirit. Your divine assignment is rooted in your spirit and it takes the knowledge of God to discover it. The creator can never assign you unless you discover your assignment. So, the awesome power of life assignment is that you live in the authority of who you are.



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