The Awesome Power Of Doing Good

Acts 10:38

Being prosperous means a lot more than amassing wealth for yourself; rather, it involves being able to help others. The reason God has blessed you, is so you can serve Him and bless others. Now the awesome power of doing good is that; you will be an asset to your generation. Therefore, almighty God has called all of mankind to a life of doing good. Because, He indeed rewards you when you do good to others.

So you are to be a person of impact, a trailblazer, a pacesetter, a pathfinder, a light bearer for others to see, a problem solver. To be a person of impact; is to be a blessing to others with God given resources, gift, talent and grace. Until you are a positive contributor to the course of humanity, you are merely existing and not living. Life has no meaning, without contribution. Your usefulness to God and humanity, is determined by the way you impact your world. Jesus, goodness to the world is unparalleled. David goodness to his generation, is still being celebrated in Israel as their greatest king; that ever lived. Living without doing good, is living without meaning; because everyone was created and empowered to do good. Therefore, the primary purpose of being blessed is to bless others. That is to impact others and the world with the blessing He has given to you. If you are not impacting your world, you will be frustrating the purpose of your existence. Every time you keep what God gave to you without multiplying it, God gets angry. Therefore i firmly believe that when you have problem, you should not worry, but you also need to continue doing the things you know how to do. For example, if you have commitments, be sure to keep them.

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Quite often when people are encountering personal problems, they withdraw from normal life and spend all their time trying to solve the problem. All this unproductive activity prevents them from doing what they should be doing, which is doing good. So the faithfulness of God, is something you can be thankful for. I have discovered that if I continue my study of God’s Word, continue praying, keep my commitments, and help as many people as I can, I experience breakthrough much faster. Helping others while you are being hurt; is actually a very powerful thing to do. So the awesome power of doing good, is that the Lord will keep increasing His grace on your life, for greater victories and successes.


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