The Almighty Sets The Captive Free

John 8:36

Until you are able to locate the Word, you won’t locate an escape route. Your depth in knowledge will determine the height you enjoy as far as liberty is concerned; for this reason the almighty sets the captive free.

Now the reason, why many people are so helpless in life today; is because they are in captivity. Friends, you can use God’s Word to sort out anything. Not just the one you have heard, but the one that has been revealed to you. Because many are in the bondage of sin, sickness, poverty, addition, demonic possession and other evil conditions. The resultant effects of captivity include loss of freedom, psychological imbalance, and emotional trauma, loss of contact with loved ones, hopelessness and dejection. So a captive, is a person with a lost identity. Such a person may have been royalty before being captured by the enemy, but he or she has become a slave and must now live at the mercy of his or her new owner. So this is the reason, why some children of God miss their day of visitation, because they don’t take prophetic utterances from God seriously; whether written or spoken. So, when i talk about the truth, i am not talking about intellectualism, nor am i talking about philosophy. I am talking about the revealed Word of God. For this reason, I encourage you to see the words from our anchor scripture today as prophetic, coming to you from your Maker who can never lie. By the word of the Lord, I proclaim to you that this is the day of your freedom. So i want you to understand that, the Lord as the Almighty specifically declares His ability to set the captives free, including lawful captives.

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Beloved, the meaning of this, is that those who willingly got themselves into bondage and are tired of staying there are candidates for God’s deliverance. Some people think that once someone willingly enters into witchcraft, the occult, secret societies, and the like, he or she can never be free again, but going by what the Lord declares in Isaiah 49:24, this is not true. So, If you willingly submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ over your life, He will not only set you free, He will also ensure that your freedom is permanent by destroying all your oppressors; because the almighty sets the captive free.



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