Take Up Your Possession  Numbers 33: 50-56 AMP

God wanted the people of Israel’s invasion of Canaan to be a total conquest in order for them to take up their possession.

Israel are to drive out the inhabitants of Canaan; destroy their alters, molten images, and temples, and then divide the land among their tribes. God has said “There sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after other gods” (Psalm 16:4). This was what God wanted all His children to avoid. God who know and sees ahead of us works out for us what we need in order to enjoy our relationship with Him and gladly enters into our inheritance. Sin is wicked, just as the Canaanites were so wicked. God was stamping out the wickedness of this sinful nation as a result of their sin. You must stamp out every known sin out of your life as a believer. You must not delay in stamping it out if you wish to enter into God’s purpose and plans for you. Do not see sin as harmless, no matter how small or attractive it seems. No matter how attractive or small sin may look like do not see it as harmless.

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God was set to clear the way for His people for them to possess their inheritance. Every obstacle that hinders you from possessing your inheritance is hereby removed today in the name of Jesus. Whatever that represents Canaanite in your life are not permitted to share your inheritance. God’s plan for Israel was to remove the temptation of worshipping idol among His people. So anything that can easily cause you to have appetite to sin must be destroyed immediately. Pictures of ungodly films, novels, dirty or immoral conversations and peer group must be avoided in order for you to take up your possession. God has provided every opportunity for you to enjoy this life and get prepared for eternal home. You must not allow the pleasure of sin to push you out of your God given possessions.  

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Beloved, I think the key to unlock the gate into your inheritance is in your hands already. I hear God saying to you today “since you are so large and strong, you will be given more than one portion. The forests of the hill country will be yours as well. Clear as many Land as you wanted and possess it. You are at the threshold of a divine visitation therefore God has begun to give, Arise and take up your possessions.



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