Take No Thought For Your Life

Luke 12:22-34

Worry or anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, instead it empties today of its strength, therefore take no thought for your life for God is more than able to supply all your needs.

It is a picture of a ship being tossed in a storm. Worry is destructive. One can be worried because he has too much while another is worried because he does not have enough, but the result is the same. Worry convinces us, that life is made up of what we eat and what we wear. We get so concerned about the means that we totally forget about the end, which is to glorify God. You must remember, that there is a great difference between making a living and making a life. Worry is deceptive. It blinds you to the world, around you and the way God cares for His creation. The Lord is encouraging you to trust Him, and cooperate with Him using your God giving abilities and opportunities. One problem with worry is that it makes you blind to itself. We can get to the place where we actually think that worry accomplishes good things in our lives, but it is false. Instead of adding to our lives, our worries rather take away from our lives. We can worry ourselves into the hospital or into the grave. If God feeds the birds, He will surely feed His children. The problem is not His little power; for He can do all things, the problem is your little faith. You must come to an understanding, that worry is deformity. It keeps you from growing, and make you like the unsaved in the world. The fact is that worry is unchristian; worry is sin. You must win over worry by realizing that God knows your need, so you can trust Him to meet them. We are sheep in His flock, children in His family, and servants in His kingdom, and He will see to it that our needs are fully met. God’s pleasure to give us the kingdom and our treasures must go together.

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If your heart is fixed on the transient things of earth, then you will always worry. But if it is fixed on eternal, then God’s peace will guard your mind and heart. You must hang loose when it comes to this world’s goods, and be willing even to sell what you have in order to help others. If you allow worry to deform you; it may be too difficult to have what will reform you. It is not wrong to own things, so long as things do not own you. Quiet tension is not trust. It is simply compressed anxiety. So take no thought for your life, because nothing is too difficult for God. 


  1. Thank you Jesus am blessed by this message, I now have a deep insight about anxiety and worry. Thank you so much for this wonderful site naijawins.com it has impacted my life.

    • thanks for your comment many more is coming your way.i appreciate your time am not thanking it for granted.


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