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He Uses Fishermen He Can Use You

Luke 5:1-11

When the time came for God to use those who would serve and learn under His Son, He uses some raw fishermen; He can use you.

When the time comes for God to fulfill a plan He has predestined to happen, He looks out for those He can use for this purpose. God does not discriminate in His choice of persons to use to accomplish His mission, He can use you. Our God is awesome, and His ways are past finding out; In our text today when Jesus found Peter, He told him that from that day, he would no longer catch fishes from the sea, but human souls from the world. If God can use a raw uneducated fisherman like Peter, He can use you more. You are very useful to God. However, do you make yourself available for His use? Ironically, as the number of pastors is increasing, the number of those who are available for God’s use is decreasing. As a result of this, many people bear the title of pastors, but they are not available to perform their assignments. If God will use you, you must make yourself available. Today, because the people we consider more suitable for kingdom assignments are either too busy or giving too many excuses, God is moving to those who have made themselves available to do His work, even when those people appear less suitable for the work. Are you available to serve God? If you can create time to do your secular work that you will have to leave someday, why can’t you create time to serve your Maker who can reward you for your service in eternity?

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There are some people who feel God cannot use them, because they have not yet bagged a degree, amassed some wealth or become famous. Oh, how mistaken they are! Do you know that God can use you just as you are? He can use you even in your limited state, if He uses an uneducated fishermen He can use you.